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    Privacy Policy

    We want to do the right thing with your data. This privacy policy will let you know what we pledge to do to keep your data safe, secure and privy only to you.

    Collected data

    We only collect as much data that is necessary to identify you and communicate with you.

    Your email address

    We need your email address to identify your account on our system and to contact you with regards to your account.

    Your IP Address

    This is used to track usage patterns across the site for further site development

    Browser and OS versions

    This data is helpful so we can know how to best design our site for the most amount of users.

    Protecting your data

    Your data is yours only

    This means we'll never let anybody else look at your data without your explicit consent. We will not sell or give away your data.

    We keep our server safe

    Our server is located at a secure facility which has taken great pains to ensure maximal physical protection.

    Your rights to your data

    You can delete your account at any time.

    Please email support at support@wejoinin.com to request an account deactivation.

    You can change your personal account settings.

    We provide an interface to edit all the information you give us.

    Policy changes

    We will notify users of significant changes to the privacy policy by emailing them a notice to their account's primary email address. We will notify users of any changes to the privacy policy on our blog. Alternatively, you may continue to check back on this page for updates.

    Last updated: September 10, 2008