Wejoinin: Signup sheets made easy.

    This signup sheet ain't so bad.

    Signup sheets should be simple.

    Got a potluck to organize? Need to round up volunteers for your service project? Have students who want to sign up for office hours? Tired of passing around the paper signup sheet?

    Relax. It's time to do things the easy way.

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    Front step make


    Quickly crank out a signup sheet with our easy-to-use interface. You can start with a template we've made for you or start one from scratch.

    Front step send

    Sign up

    Invite your friends to view and sign up on your signup sheet (we'll host the sheet for you). They'll sign up on your sheet with their name and email information. You'll sit back and smile.

    Front step collect


    Find out who signed up and collect their contact information. Free your data in RSS, and Excel formats (soon!).