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    The moon is full.

    Fu Shuangru did not personally participate in the internal affairs of the army, but only searched through the information, from which he deduced some "tacit understanding" that everyone knew very well. It was one thing for the army to eat empty pay. In Mohe, a place where soldiers were needed, someone volunteered to join. It was no big deal that the household registration documents were gone, just on top of the last batch of escaped cowards! But all this is only Fu Shuangru's "speculation", when the situation is how, or to see the day to see people to see luck. However, this was already the most promising way that Fu Shuangru could think of for them at that time. Impostor and pardon in court are the two most direct and useful ways to get out of the humble origin, and when the latter is almost impossible, the former is not to be criticized. But now, with the help of Yanping Wangfu, who can almost cover up the sky in northern Hebei, is it necessary to continue to try his luck in Mohe? Almost instantly, Fu Shuangru changed his mind and diverted to Mongolia. Fu Shuangru made friends with the local officials by relying on the eighty chosen men. Then, after the eighty good soldiers were sent away, he drank and played with the local governor every day for a month. Then, when a wealthy businessman wanted to make friends with the local governor, he naturally "spilled the beans" after three consecutive closed-door visits, suggesting that the official was also "a little interested" in the business of the wealthy businessman. Fu Shuangru did not know how the rich merchant reviled the officer for "wild goose plucking" behind his back. Anyway, Fu Shuangru also touched the officer's interest in the business with a glib tongue. In the end, the two sides agreed that Fu Shuangru, as a middleman,ceramic welding tape, naturally had to take part in it meaningfully. Fu Shuangru was very knowledgeable and did not put forward "long-term equity participation", but only said that he wanted his people to go out to "see the world" and bother Big Brother to take it out once! The rich merchant thought to himself that he had a sense of propriety and had not asked for an exorbitant price, so he readily agreed. Smuggling this kind of thing, where will go to check the other party's household registration, the rich merchant's people have to hide their identity, so as not to really be caught by the government after implicating his wife and children, so Fu Shuangru's 28 people really have no obstacles to infiltrate into the ranks of the rich merchant. This is a deal that all three parties are very satisfied with. With the reliable route provided by the wealthy businessman and the guarantee of sufficient money, as well as the help of the local governor,Ceramic Bobbin, Fu Shuangru finally helped the 28 people to take a new step in their lives. Sending you a thousand miles away, we must say goodbye. After this farewell, I hope that when I meet you again in my lifetime, you and I can sit together and talk about family and state affairs, and drink together. This is the last sentence that Fu Shuangru left to the twenty-eight people, but in fact, they know that the road ahead is long, there are still thousands of frustrations, how far away the day of meeting is, or it is better to say goodbye forever. But the wonderful thing about life is that what you think you can't get over will eventually pass, and what you think you can't get back will suddenly appear. At the end of July, Han Hao, in the name of the Eighteen Strategies for the Expedition to the West, secretly offered the confession of the Uighur saint, which made the sage Longyan happy and promoted him exceptionally. On the third day of the eighth month, Han Hao returned to the capital to report on his work, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,ceramic bobbin element, and among the people who offered the eighteen strategies of the Western Expedition, there was a Song Ran, who was an old acquaintance. The writer of the Eighteen Strategies for the Western Expedition, who was also appointed by Han Hao as a confidant of Song Jianjun, was originally named Fu E, who was bought by Fu Shuangru from a powerful family who liked to feed dogs with human meat when he was in Jinling. He was also one of the 28 people who went north with him to smuggle into Mongolia. After meeting again in August, Fu E paid a secret visit to Fu Fu that night and had a long talk with Fu Shuangru all night. The two of them reached a consensus on the plan for the northwest. The next day, Han Hao made an appointment with Fu Shuangru, and the two formally formed an alliance. According to Fu Shuangru's idea, from the standpoint of deliberately kicking the Wangs out of the game, the general who led the troops in the Western Expedition had better let Han Shaogong come. The old man had high seniority and seniority, and it was hard to say anything else. And Han Hao as Han Shaogong's most important successor, under the general trend of Han Shaogong leading the troops to war, even if only as a partial general, there are countless opportunities for meritorious service. Fu Shuangru, for the sake of conservatism, planned to recommend the Marquis of Dingxi and Ye Ye, the governor of the Anxi Frontier Command, who were familiar with the war in the northwest.
    The Marquis of Dingxi had an affair with the Yue family, and Ye Ye had Fu Shuangru around him. As for Pingyuan Hou Fu, hit a stick to a jujube, hold down Wang Shumin at the same time, another one from the younger generation to push people to come, presumably Wang Hou Ye for the sake of grandchildren, may not be willing to spend more effort to earn power for themselves. As for the candidates, Han Hao gave Fu Shuangru two, namely, Wang Hua Ling, the eldest grandson of Wang Jiahua, and Wang Hua Jiu, the eldest son of Wang Shumin. The former is the father of the late Empress Wang, who is also the grandson of the former Pingyuan Marquis Wang Shuyan. The advantage is that the other side is the closest blood to Empress Wang and the East Palace, and it is justified from the ancestral legal system. The latter is the current Pingyuan Hou Wang Shumin's grandson, Wang Shumin is Wang Shuyan's half-brother, the two were from the first Pingyuan Hou's two wives, the relationship is not how, Han Hao means to choose the former now Pingyuan Hou may not buy it, but to the latter is afraid that the third young master of the Wang family and they are not concentric. Fu Shuangru decided on Wang Huajiu without hesitation. As for Pei Jinghui, if he wants to lead the troops, he can. But not the northwest. A few days before Han Hao returned to the capital, his men caught the Uighur saint and found a dozen secret letters between the Twelve Leagues and the Khitan people. Fu Shuangru selected three of the ten or so secret letters, which were the most sincere, and planned to present them together with the layout of the twelve alliances, so that the sage could feel that the Khitan people had a vague position and had to guard against them. It is better to let the northwest army go to war at the same time, in the northeast and the Khitan border place also arranged military forces, pillow Ge Dadan. This task, naturally, is to let the two princes guarding Liaodong and Yanping Wangfu, which is close to Liaodong, do the most appropriate, and the two sides have different positions,10g Ozone Generator, but also can contain each other. But the sudden funeral news of Jing Taifei forced Fu Shuangru to change his plan hastily. As soon as the imperial concubine died, if Yanping Wangfu was dormant, Empress Zhang was likely to take the opportunity to let the eight princes intervene in the Northeast battlefield. global-ceramics.com

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