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    WAG July 2022 AKC Trial - Signup for FRIDAY

    Thank you for volunteering to help with the WAG AKC agility trial on July 15 thru 17, 2022 at the WAG Training Building (Spring Grove, IL).

    THIS IS THE SIGN-UP FOR FRIDAY. Volunteer positions are shown across the top. The classes are shown down the left side in the order they will be run.

    Course Builders: The first course build of the day (listed on the same row as the first class of the day) will just be tweak and number (the actual course will have been set the night before).

    To sign-up for slot(s), simply click on the "join" button and then enter your email address. The wejoinin.com site will send you an email with your cancellation code in case you want to make changes after you've signed up. Workers will receive WAG Bucks (good for use at any WAG trial). The sign up will be closed Wednesday evening July 13th at 6:00 PM. After that time please talk to the ring captain on the morning of the trial if you need to make any changes.

    NOTE: Some spots were pre-assigned to ensure we had key jobs covered. Check first to see if you were pre-assigned a spot. Of course you are welcome to sign up for additional jobs if you wish :-). If you don't like what you were pre-assigned, contact Carole Johnson at softsol@mc.net

    Sign up

    Click the 'Join' link in a slot below to sign up there.
    Course Builder (multiple slots) Timer Scribe Gate Steward Bar Setters (multiple slots) Leash/Scribe Sheet runner
    20, 24" Mst/Exc JWW
    16" Mst/Exc JWW
    4, 8, 12" Mst/Exc JWW
    20, 24" Mst/Exc Standard
    16" Mst/Exc Standard
    4, 8, 12" Mst/Exc Standard
    Open Standard
    Novice Standard
    Novice JWW
    Open JWW
    End of Day Course Build
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