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    Music Technology students (MT, CMT, MT&Pop): EMu Experiment

    Apologies to Music students - your sheet is here http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/oejxd
    (Just copy and paste to open in a new window)

    You will form a group and develop a business venture based on your skills/experience/knowledge in music. We’re keen to help you develop confidence in your existing abilities, and through work with enterprise students, identify and develop a business venture. Each group will receive a small investment (around £10), that you need to grow and return to your investors. In the 2 weeks you will undertake market research, and possibly even deliver a service for a client - groups will be asked to create a media diary of any events organised and run, and this may be used in your final presentation.

    The workshop launch:
    Wednesday September 25th
    1 - 3pm in Business School (3rd floor)
    Room: BS3/01

    Keep the afternoon of October 9th available.

    If you need to withdraw please do so quickly so that another student can take your place.

    Finally - please indicate which degree course you are on, this is just interesting to see.

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