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    CWVC 2022 Specialty Award Sponsorship

    The Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club will be hosting a stand-alone Specialty on Friday, July 1; a Specialty in conjunction with the Kettle Moraine Kennel Club All-Breed show on Saturday, July 2; and we'll have a supported entry for Vizslas at the Kettle Moraine Kennel Club Show on Sunday, July 3. Please know that your support is great appreciated, as we simply could not hold these events without your help!

    The list of sponsorship options is really long, so you'll want to scroll all the way down to see what is available. To sign-up for an award, simply click on the "JOIN" button and then enter your First & Last Name (kennel name optional) and Email address. After you're done selecting your sponsorship(s), total up the amount of your sponsorship(s) and then send your payment either by PayPal to "cwvcweb@gmail.com" or by check. Checks are to be made payable to "CWVC" and mailed to:

    Becky Smith
    CWVC Award Sponsorship
    N4355 County Rd DG
    Fall River, WI 53932

    If you have any problems with this page, please contact Jone Brown (autumnacresvizslas@gmail.com). Questions about sponsorship should be sent to Becky Smith (remark@centurytel.net). Thank you!

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    Friday Sponsors Saturday Sponsors Sunday Sponsors
    Best of Breed $75/Fri, $75/Sat, $50/Sun
    Best of Winners $50/Fri, $50/Sat, $30/Sun
    Best of Opposite Sex $50/Fri, $50/Sat, $30/Sun
    Select Dog $40/Fri, $40/Sat, $20/Sun
    Select Bitch $40/Fri, $40/Sat, $20/Sun
    Award of Merit $25/Fri, $25/Sat
    Award of Merit $25/Fri, $25/Sat
    Winners Dog $30/Fri, $30/Sat, $15/Sun
    Reserve Winners Dog $20/Fri, $20/Sat, $10/Sun
    6-9 Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    9-12 Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    12-18 Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Amateur OH Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Bred By Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    American Bred Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Open Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Hunt/Field Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Veteran Dog $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Winners Bitch $30/Fri, $30/Sat, $15/Sun
    Reserve Winners Bitch $20/Fri, $20/Sat, $10/Sun
    6-9 Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    9-12 Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    12-18 Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Amateur OH Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    American Bred Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Bred By Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Open Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Hunt/Field Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    Veteran Bitch $10/Fri, $10/Sat
    SWEEPS - Best Puppy $30/Fri, $30/Sat
    SWEEPS - Best Opposite Puppy $30/Fri, $30/Sat
    SWEEPS - Best Veteran Dog $30/Fri, $30/Sat
    SWEEPS - Best Veteran Bitch $30/Fri, $30/Sat
    Junior Showmanship - $20/Fri, $20/Sat
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