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    HHD Family Services Volunteering

    Thank you so much for volunteering to help us make the HHD Family Services on Rosh Hashanah and Kol Nidre flow smoothly. If you have any questions about the volunteer positions available, do not hesitate to reach out to Natalie Boskin at natalie@kehillasynagogue.org. You will get a confirmation email from Natalie Boskin within a few days of signing up to volunteer that will outline all you will need to know about your volunteer position.

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    Rosh Hashanah Volunteering Opportunities (September 21, service begins at 10am) Kol Nidre Volunteer Opportunities (September 29, service begins at 6:30pm)
    FAMILY SERVICE: Help prepare the room before services- RH ONLY
    FAMILY SERVICE: greeter/welcomer
    TOT SERVICE: Help prepare the room before services- RH ONLY
    TOT SERVICE: greeter/welcomer
    Ticket Taker- KN ONLY
    FAMILY SERVICE Teen Helpers!
    FAMILY SERVICE: Supervise Candle Lighting- ONLY KN
    Light Clean Up after Services
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