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    SDTC Winter 2019 Obedience Classes (PLEASE enter your dog’s name, breed and age in the “Leave a Comment” section and follow instructions below)

    After signing up for a class, please pay for your class on the Sheboygan Dog Training Club website through PayPal (no account needed). Non-members please fill out the Training Application Blank if possible and email to sdtcdot@gmail.com along with copies of vaccination records

    Classes begin the week of January 7th-11th and will meet one hour each week for 6 weeks at a cost of $80.00 for non-members, with the exception of the puppy class.

    The Puppy Class on Wednesday at 7:30pm will start on February 6th.

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    Instructor / Assistant / Apprentice Student
    Puppy Class - Wednesday - 6:15pm (starting 1/9)
    Puppy Class - Wednesday - 7:30pm (starting 2/6)
    Ring Ready (Beginner Novice / Novice - Thursday - 6:15pm (starting 1/10)
    Pet Manners - Thursday - 7:30pm (starting 1/10)
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