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    Environmental Center Master List

    Here is the master list of food items and supplies needed for our over night trip to the Environmental Center. We wanted to open up the opportunity to sign up for various items to decrease the cost to the school. We are planning to purchase the listed items from local grocers. However, we wanted to open up the opportunity to sign up for 'this' and 'that' to lessen to final budget of this event. Thank you students for your planning and budgeting skills!
    Bring items to school on Monday, April 7th so that we can purchase the remaining items.

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    can of olives
    container of sour cream
    Rotell diced tomatoes
    1 bunch of fresh cilantro
    pound of diced ham
    1 bottle of Ranch dressing
    quart of vanilla icecream
    32 oz yogurt
    apple juice
    wholly guacamole
    Pound of seasoned hamburger, frozen
    Loan us your Crock Pot
    Fresh ground almond butter (snack) if you know where to find it
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