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    DKA Halloween Escape Room Sign-Up

    Come for a night of haunted Escape Room fun! Escape from haunted rooms, a revengeful ghost, or mysterious spirits.

    Escape Rooms:

    WHO KILLED THE DIRECTOR? Large room. $20 per group. 4-7 people. Plot: The Director is dead. A murder on set. Sure, the most pompous, selfish, irritable director there ever was, but not enough to get murdered? His ghost is back for revenge, thinking that you, the detective, killed him. You must escape and find his murderer before he gets to you.

    ESCAPE FROM THE HAUNTED ROOM: Small room. $15 per group. 3-5 people. Plot: You wander around late at night and stumble upon an old abandoned mansion.  Legend says that the mansion is haunted, but you go inside anyway. You hear the door creak shut and lock behind you. You are trapped!  With the terrifying sounds of ghosts and ghouls drawing near, you have only 10 minutes to find a way out of the room.  Will you be able to escape in time? Or will you become another trapped soul?

    WHAT DO THE SPIRITS WANT? Small room. $15 per group. 3-5 people. Plot: You’ve been mistakenly trapped in a tomb, and only your ancestors know the long forgotten ritual to help you escape. To receive the message from the the spirits you must use your wits and appease the Lwa, or be trapped in the dirt forevermore.


    - Only one person in your group needs to sign up.
    - After leaving your name and email, please "Leave a comment" with 1) the number of people in your group and 2) your phone number (all your information will be anonymous).

    - Your must show up 5 MINUTES before your scheduled time.
    - If you do not show up at least 3 MINUTES before your schedule time, your slot will be given to someone else.
    - You can also come without signing up or without a group, but there are no guarantees.
    - You can pay at the door (CASH or VENMO).

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    Who Killed the Director? Escape from the Haunted Room What Do the Spirits Want?
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