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    GABOC Obedience/Rally Trials 2021

    Glenbard All Breed Club Obedience Trial 2021-November 5,6, and 7th. Friday two Rally Trials simultaneously. Saturday two Obedience Trials simultaneously. Sunday Obedience and Rally simultaneously. The trial cannot run without steward volunteers! Pick a spot to help in and put in your name and email, you will receive a confirmation of what you signed up for, you will need to remember.
    Doors open at 7:00 a.m. times per ring will vary, please plan on being at the trial on your day at least a half hour before judging begins. Ring times
    will be on the Judges Schedule. Job descriptions as follows:
    Table Steward must help the judge with their paperwork and keeping track of scores.
    Gate Steward must help exhibitors checking in and making sure the next dog is ready to go in at
    their time. And giving out armbands.
    Gloves for Utility only. Jumps-must watch for height changes and be able to set our Articles
    for Utility. Floaters must be willing to jump in where needed. If you are showing a dog, let us know and we will cover for you if you have a conflict. You do not need to be a member to help! if you are new to stewarding, we will be happy to help you learn, most of these jobs are very easy! It is a great way to learn the ropes of dog shows!

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    Friday Rally 1 Friday Rally 2 Saturday Obedience Trial 1 Saturday Obedience Trial 2 Sunday OB Trial Sunday Rally Trial
    Friday Rally 1 Table Steward Loretta
    Friday Rally 1 Gate Steward
    Friday Rally 1 Timer
    Friday Rally 1 Course setter Steward
    Friday Rally 2 Gate Steward Sandra
    Friday Rally 2 Timer
    Friday Rally 2 Course setter steward
    Saturday OB Ring 1 Loretta Table Steward
    Saturday Ring # 1 Loretta Ring Steward
    Saturday Ring 2 Jim Communale Ring Steward
    Saturday ring #2 Jim Comunale Gate Steward
    Saturday Ring #2 Jim Comunale Table steward
    Saturday Ring 3 OB Sue Mayborne Ring steward
    Saturday OB #3 Table Steward Suzanne Mayborn
    Saturday OB Ring #3 Sue Mayborn Gate Steward
    Sunday OB Ring #1 Loretta Table a.m
    Sunday OB Ring #1 Gate Steward Loretta
    Sunday Rally Trial Table Steward
    Sunday Rally Trial Gate Steward
    Sunday Rally Trial course setter
    Sunday Rally Timer
    Sunday Ring #2 Jim Comunale Table steward Obedience
    Sunday Ring #2 Jim Comunale Ring steward
    Sunday OB ring 3 Sue Mayborn Ring Steward
    Sunday Ring 3 Sue Mayborn OB - Table Steward
    Sunday Ring #3 Sue Mayborn Gate Steward
    Sunday OB am Floater
    Sunday OB floater pm
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