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    If Time Has an Ageless Face by Mu Qingyu

    The two-year-old little man was still walking unsteadily, and in front of Mu Ke, he was a little crazy, and he lost more than he ate. Seeing the rice grains on his son's mouth, Mu Yan frowned: "Son, are you here to visit the sick or to eat?" An Yiruo couldn't help laughing: "It's all because you don't come back. Ya Yan sent us a meal. Tong Tong cried out that he was hungry, so we gave him a meal first." With these words, he wiped the corners of his son's mouth with a tissue. Mu Ke bent his head over Tong Tong's little head and said with a deliberately deflated mouth, "Tong Tong, you ate the little aunt's share. Is it the little aunt who should be hungry?"? Pay for the delicious food quickly. Tong Tong grinned, hugged Mu Ke's neck and kissed her on the face to show compensation. He stared at the delicious food in the small bowl with black grape eyes and drooled, which made the adults laugh. Accustomed to the closeness between Mu Ke and Tong Tong, An Yiruo fed his son and said, "Ke Ke, you like children so much. Hurry up and give birth to one yourself." Mu Yan put his arm against He Hongxun's back and said with a half-smile, "I just found out that there is a cold-faced guy who is also very popular with children. Not to mention,rapid sand filters, it's a good match." How could they not understand what they meant? The shepherd blushed with embarrassment and called out reproachfully, "Sister-in-law!" He Hongxun happily sat down beside Mu Ke and whispered shamelessly, "I like children, too." "It's none of my business!" Mu Ke bit his lower lip and turned away from him, blushing even more. Mu Ke's shy appearance is charming and lovely. He Hongxun couldn't help holding her slender shoulder gently. His tone was gentle: "I just want to report it so that you can understand my thoughts." "It's better to do homework quietly when no one is there. Don't treat our family as air." Muyan coughed deliberately and turned his big hand gently on his son's little head to let him see his mother. Naughty Tong Tong will not be obedient, the little guy climbed to He Hongxun's lap in twos and threes, and leaned on the little aunt's arms,wall penstocks, two big and one small depending on each other like a family. He Hongxun's heart was violently hit, he subconsciously hugged Mu Ke and Tong Tong, and his mind was full of longing for the future. Simple choice After a noisy day, when Mu Yan led his wife and children away, Mu Ke lay lazily in bed and did not want to move. He Hongxun finally coaxed her to get up for dinner and helped her take a walk outside for a while before allowing her to rest. Drink before you go to bed. Be obedient and take you to my place to play when you get out of the hospital. Before going to bed, He Hongxun asked Mu Ke to drink milk, hoping to improve her sleep quality. What kind of quid pro quo is that? I don't like going to the army. She actually loves to drink milk, but she just wants to listen to He Hongxun to coax her. He Hongxun frowned: "You don't like to eat, can you not eat?"? I'm there. I have to go even if I don't like it! He is such a person, after hospitalization, Mu Ke found that the overbearing He Hongxun would coax her to eat something she didn't like but nutritious. In addition, lamella clarifer ,fine bubble diffuser, He Yayan's cooking skills were praised by He Yicheng. Her picky eating problem was almost inadvertently changed. But this man is not good at sweet talk. Mu Ke pouted his mouth and drank the milk. He Hongxun covered her with a quilt and talked with her. He still had to wait for her to fall asleep before returning to the next ward. Mu Ke took him by the hand and asked about the day. "What did he say to you?"? I asked my uncle before, and he just said it was about your work, but I didn't believe it. Thinking that she would definitely ask, He Hongxun told the truth: "Of course, there are things about you and me." Gently pressing the back of Mu Ke's hand with his thumb, he thought about it and said, "Mu Ke, can you tell me why you get along with Xiao Chen like a brother and sister?" "My cousin told you?" Seeing that he nodded, Mu was silent. She moved her eyes to the ground. It took her a long time to open her mouth leisurely: "It has nothing to do with Xiao Chen, doesn't it?"? When we were young, we all wanted to be around our parents and be loved and spoiled. Compared with the love my mother gave me, Xiao Chen has lost the love of his parents. He is very pitiful. He Hongxun's hand tightened silently, as if to give her strength. Mu Kewei raised his lips and smiled, reluctantly with bitterness. She went on to say, "Xiao Chen had a car accident when he was more than two years old in order to find his aunt. He almost died.".
    Because the little uncle rushed to the hospital. I know. I saw him coming back from the army in the corridor of the hospital, and he was kneeling on the ground crying, aunt. She reached for his fisted hand and kept saying it was all her fault, it was her. He begged his son shamelessly and said that if he wanted to die, he would let her die and let Xiao Chen go. Later, Xiao Chen recovered and was taken home. I bullied him and beat him, cut his clothes and threw his toys. He never cried. Even when I pushed him down the stairs and broke his forehead, he just grabbed my hand and kept calling me'sister '. Mu Ke choked up. She slanted her head to look at He Hongxun and whispered, "I didn't mean to, because he always followed me. I just wanted to shake off his hand." Touching her hair, He Hongxun said softly, "I know!" My aunt knew that I was not good to Xiao Chen, and that time I saw her crying with Xiao Chen in her arms. Xiao Chen was as lovely as Tong Tong when he was a child. He was also very sensible and precocious. He wiped his aunt's tears and said with a lisp that his mother didn't hurt. Tears slipped down from the corner of Mu Ke's eyes. She cried and said, "When my uncle took me to see my mother that year, I asked her if she could be good to Xiao Chen.". Mother will not answer me, I can only see her smile on the tablet, love, tolerance. From then on, Mu Ke laid down his heart knot to Mu Chen and treated him like a sister. And in return for her, it is also Mu Chen's infinite love. He Hongxun felt so sad that he was very reluctant to arouse Mu Ke's sadness, so he bent over and kissed her wet eyelashes and said sadly, "Don't say it." Mu Ke sniffed, wiped away his tears, and handed He Hongxun a soothing smile. She said,Wall Penstocks, "Let me finish it all at once, and then never mention it again." Looking at her tearful eyes, He Hongxun nodded with difficulty. khnwatertreatment.com

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