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    Bell VEX student signups

    Role Descriptions:

    Setup/teardown: Helping us set up the tournament on Friday and clean up after the tournament on Saturday

    Inspection/pit queue: On Friday from 6-10 pm and Saturday from 7-9 pm, Making sure robots meet the specifications at the beginning of the tournament. For the rest of the time, Going to the team's pit to notify them when they have to queue.

    Field Reset: Resetting the field after each match and keep live score

    Running Skills Field: Allowing teams to do skills runs during the tournament

    Field Queuing: Verifying that teams show up to the field and directing them to the queuing area

    STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO VOLUNTEER FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS unless participating with a VEX team, in which you should help out with setup or teardown instead.

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    Setup/teardown Inspection Field Queue Pit Queue Field Reset Skills Field
    Friday 11/16 (2-6 pm)
    Friday 11/16 (6-10 pm)
    Saturday 11/17 (7-9 am) (2 hours only)
    Saturday 11/17 (9 am-1 pm)
    Saturday 11/17 (1-5 pm)
    Saturday 11/17 (5-9 pm) (includes teardown)
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