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    Jaren Haber's Office Hours SOC 5 Sp18

    Course: Sociology 5 S101 & S102, Evaluation of Evidence, Spring 2018
    Section time & location: Tuesdays/Thursdays 8:10-9:00 AM in 104 Barrows; 9:10-10:00 AM in 175 Barrows
    Office hours location: 483 Barrows
    GSI: Jaren Haber, PhD Candidate in Sociology at UC Berkeley

    Feel free to make group appointments. You can also email me for an appointment. I look forward to seeing you!

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    11:00am 11:15am 11:30am 11:45am 12:00pm 12:15pm 12:30pm 12:45pm
    Thurs 02/01/18, week III [for 01/25: OH after lecture]
    Thurs 02/08/18, week IV
    Thurs 02/15/18, week V
    [BY APPT] Mon-Tue Feb 20-21, week VI
    Thurs 03/01/18, week VII
    Thurs 03/08/18, week VIII
    Thurs 03/15/18, week IX
    Thurs 03/22/18, week X
    [SKIP A WEEK] Thurs 04/05/18, week XII
    Thurs 04/12/18, week XIII
    Thurs 04/19/18, week XIV
    [LAST WEEK OF CLASSES] Thurs 04/26/18, week XV
    [RRR WEEK] Thurs 05/03/18, week XVI
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