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National Hazing Prevention Week

Each organization is responsible for filling a minimum of 2 Tabling time slots (Please write the name of your Organization as the Name under each time slot). Only 1 organization per time slot except 12:00pm which requires 2 organizations.

Additionally, each chapter must be represented by at least two members at each Lunch and Learn (Please submit individual names).
MONDAY: Presidents and New Member Educators only
TUESDAY: Recommended for seniors
WEDNESDAY: Recommended for juniors
THURSDAY: Recommended for sophomores

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Monday, Sept. 24 Tuesday, Sept. 25 Wednesday, Sept. 26 Thursday, Sept. 27
Tabling 11:30AM
Tabling 12:00PM
Tabling 12:30PM
Tabling 1:00PM
Tabling 1:30PM
Lunch and Learn 12-1PM
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