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    Dolphins @ The Summit June 22, 2019

    Valencia Summit Clubhouse is located at:
    24600 Del Monte Dr Santa Clarita, California 91355



    Volunteer Positions:

    Timer: Use stop watch. Sit at the end of the pool and time swimmers. Hit start on the watch when the starter's light flashes. Hit stop on the watch when the swimmer first touches the wall. One of the timers will also record the time on a sheet by the swimmer's name. This person also makes sure that the right swimmer is ready to swim in the correct lane by asking them for their name if they do not know them already. This is easy, but you do need to pay attention. :)

    1 of 3 Place Judges: Determines 1st, 2nd or 3rd place swimmers on side of pool.

    Ribbon Writer: Places time/name stickers on the correct color ribbon towards the end of the meet (the majority of the work can also be done at home over the weekend)

    Canteen: Work in the kitchen and sell refreshments during the meet. All profits go to the Dolphins Swim Team which helps us keep our costs low and buy necessary equipment if it breaks. The perfect position for the person who likes a little AC on a hot day.

    Heat Seater: Seat children in order of race, based on lane assignments shown on event slips. Please let us know if you are ready to tackle this fun/noisy job and we will find someone who can train you in very little time during practice. This is the best job for getting to know all your kids teammates.

    Home Meet - Set-Up and Take Down: Clean up and straighten pool area before/after Saturday's meet. Put out/away chairs, canopies, flag poles, etc. Some heavy lifting may be required.

    Kid Keeper: Keeps track of swimmers to make sure they get to the seating area in time for their races. You may also need to help walk our younger swimmers to the correct end of the pool and help place them in the correct lane.

    Runner: Collects event slips from timers and takes them to the scorers. We call it a runner, however, we walk. :)

    Scorer: Determines official finish times. Enters final score on computer.

    Starter: Commences all races in a timely manner. This is the volunteer who asks swimmers to step up (or in the case of backstroke - swimmers in the water), take your mark, and then hits the beep noise. They also must stop the race for any false starts. This position is filled by a paid official at the championship meet who also acts as our stroke and turn judge.

    Stroke and Turn Judge: Determines if swimmers are performing correct stroke, kick, and turn. Disqualifies swimmers for violations. Must have knowledge of correct stroke, kick, and turn criteria.


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    8:30-10:00am 10:00am - 11:30am 11:30 am - 12:30(end of meet)
    Timer Lane 1
    Timer Lane 2
    Timer Lane 3
    Timer Lane 4
    Timer Lane 5
    Timer Lane 6
    Place Judge (2nd)
    Kid Keeper / Walker 8:15-9:30am
    Kid Keeper/ Walker 9:30am - 10:30am
    Kid Keeper / Walker 10:30-11:30am
    Kid Keeper (older kids) 11:30-12:30pm
    Stroke & Turn Judge (volunteers rotate throughout the meet)
    Number Writers 7:30am- 9:00am
    Ribbon Volunteer towards end of the meet
    Set-Up & Tear Down (Fri-nite/Sat after meet) Set-Up Crew only: meet at 001 @ 7:45. 001 Families can arrive after 8:30pm at the Summit Pool
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