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    Seeing that Ye Bai's expression seemed to be a little low, Yi Chi didn't want to change his mind so quickly, so he said: "Yes, now we are symbiotic dead, it's time to tell me your real name!" Ye Bai hesitated and said, "How do you know I'm a pseudonym?" Yi Chi twitched at the corners of his mouth and said, "Guess." He could not say that he also used a pseudonym, so he took it for granted that he also used a pseudonym! That's a bit like measuring the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain. Oh Ye Bai said, "I really use a pseudonym. Grandpa told me that I can't tell others my real name when I'm away from home. That's why I use a pseudonym. Brother Luo, you have to measure it!"! My real name is White Leaf. Yi Chi was speechless for a while and called him to see the quantity. He himself used a pseudonym. He also saw the quantity of fart. Also, this is also called a pseudonym. It is not to reverse the name. If you really want to harm you, it is not difficult to come up with your real name. Depressed, the feelings of this leaf white, oh, no, it is white leaf, this guy is actually a small white, really worthy of the name of a white character ah, enough small white. Yi Chi is not pretentious, directly reported his real name, "don't see quantity, I use a pseudonym, I can not call Luo Sha,4 person jacuzzi, my real name is Yi Chi." Bai Ye was suddenly enlightened and said, "So that's it. I said, how can a person like Brother Yi use his real name?" Yi Chi said helplessly, "What is a person like me? What kind of person am I?" Bai Ye smiled awkwardly and said, "Brother Yi, I didn't mean anything else. I just wanted to say that you are experienced." Yi Chi smiled and glared at this guy viciously. Then he said, "Well, it's bloody here. Let's go. Warcraft will come later." With that, Yi Chi turned and walked forward. Yeah,Whirlpool bathtub, okay. Ye Bai nodded and followed. ...... Really don't say, really let Yi Chi to say, just before they left, really came a group of, well, not magic sell, is a group of people. The group of people all came in the air, and when they came to the bloody open space, they came down. The leader of the group was an old man with half white hair. He frowned at the ground and then looked around. Then he said, "Ah, three, are you sure this is it?" When he finished, a tall strong man came out of the crowd, but when he came to the old man's side, he said respectfully, "You can't be wrong. The young master is going this way. He has been staying here just now, best whirlpool tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, but he doesn't know where he will go." The old man waved his hand, frowned and thought. When the strong man saw the old man's gesture, he immediately retreated. The old man stood there and thought for a while, then looked at the ground. Eh! The old man hurried to one corner and looked at the two sets of footprints on the ground. Ah, three, come here. Once again, the strong man who was called by the old man came out and came to the old man's side. Look at these footprints. Are they the young master's? The old man pointed to the two sets of footprints and said. Yes The strong man answered. He went to the footprints, reached out his hands and touched two sets of footprints, and closed his eyes. Slowly, he frowned. "This is.." the strong man muttered. Then he opened his eyes again and said respectfully to the old man on one side, "Elder Hui, there are two groups of footprints here. One of them is really the young master's, while the other is the young man." The old man's eyes lit up and he said quickly, "Where did the young master go?" The strong man did not dare to hesitate, hurriedly replied: "The two of them went to the west, the destination must be the forest of Warcraft." "Well, yes, I must have come here for the forest of Warcraft. Young master, he must have wanted to experience it." The old man nodded and said with a smile. "The strong man nodded his head in agreement with the old man." Ok, let's go now and catch up with the young master. It will be urgent. If something happens to the young master, we are all to blame.
    "The old man said loudly, and then broke through the air, he brought that group of people, including the strong man, also followed the old man to break through the air, this group of people actually have more than the strength of the king, then their young master is really great ah!"! ...... In the forest of Warcraft. At this time, Yi Chi and Bai Ye were walking on its periphery, and they did not encounter any Warcraft, which made Yi Chi a little disappointed. Have come to such a meeting, unexpectedly has not met a Warcraft, he does not know what Warcraft looks like! "These Warcraft won't all go home for the Spring Festival, will they?" Yi Chi said to himself. Bai Ye looked at Yi Chi doubtfully and asked, "Brother Yi, what is the New Year at home?" "Er!" Yi Chi a meal, he this can be really blurted out a sentence, have forgotten that there is a local people around it, do not know the meaning of what he said. There is no New Year's Day in this other world, even if it is a festival or something like that, that is, every empire has a centennial founding festival, which is greatly celebrated every century. And they don't know anything about the Spring Festival. Yi Chi smiled awkwardly and said, "This is a festival in my hometown. It is held once a year to celebrate the passing of the old year and welcome the new year. You don't know." "Oh!" White leaf suddenly, just when Yi Chi was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he said: "Then next time you take me with you, I have never been to this kind of festival!" Yi Chi was stunned. How could he take him there! He can't even go back himself, but he's taking someone with him? This is bullshit. As a result, Yi Chi could only spread a little panic, saying that he did not intend to go home for the Spring Festival this year. As a result, the white leaf once again burst out a sentence to make Yi Chi absolutely down, "that's all right, wait for the next New Year you take me to go!" Yi Chi wants to cry without tears,endless pool factory, he swears, never send this kind of feeling again, this is really called a cocoon! What else can Yi Chi do? He can only promise perfunctorily and make the white leaves beautiful. monalisa.com

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