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    Talent Show Audition Sign Up 2019-2020

    R.L. Stevenson Elementary Talent Show Audition Sign Up 2019-2020
    Volunteer and Crew Sign Ups can be found here:
    This Sign Up is ONLY for on stage talent auditions
    -Please enter the name of the child, children, or group that is auditioning
    -The time you select is when the audition will begin on stage. Please allow for a 10 minute check in and staging process when selecting your time (i.e. if you select 3:30, the talent should be present at the school at 3:20 for check in). All children will be released directly following their individual audition time.

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    Wednesday, January 15th 2020 Thursday, January 16th 2020
    3:05 PM
    3:10 PM
    3:15 PM
    3:20 PM
    3:25 PM
    3:30 PM
    3:35 PM
    3:40 PM
    3:50 PM
    3:55 PM
    4:00 PM
    4:05 PM
    4:10 PM
    4:15 PM
    4:20 PM
    4:25 PM
    4:30 PM
    4:35 PM
    4:40 PM
    4:45 PM
    4:50 PM
    4:55 PM
    5:00 PM
    5:05 PM
    5:10 PM
    5:15 PM
    5:20 PM
    5:25 PM
    5:30 PM
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