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    Parent Teacher Confrence Dinner

    Its that time of year again For PTC dinner. Monday October 16, Tuesday Oct. 17 & Wednesday Oct. 18

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    Monday Soup & Salad Tuesday Italian Night (lasagna & pasta dishes) Wednesday (Taco Bar)
    Soup (serving size 10-15 people)
    Vegetarian soup
    Set up @ 4:30
    Green Salad
    Dinner Rolls (one dozen)
    Cookies(one dozen)
    Gluten Free Cookie
    Fruit Bowl
    Clean up @ 6:00
    Pasta Dish
    Cooked Vegtables (serves 10-12)
    Vegetable Tray
    Garlic Bread or Bread Sticks
    Brownies (serves 12) 1 gluten free
    Vanilla Ice cream One Gallon
    Beef for tacos 2 pounds
    Shredded Chicken 2 pounds
    Mexican Rice Serves 10-12
    Beans( refried, pinto or black)
    Hard Taco Shells serves 10-12
    Soft taco shells serves 10-12
    Chopped Tomatoes 6 chopped
    Shredded Cheese 5 lb. bag
    Shredded taco lettuce
    Jar Salsa
    Sour Cream 16 0z.
    Gluten Free Dessert
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