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    Mind Body Soul Wellness Day

    Samsara Living & Art
    Jokobstr. 7, Nürnberg

    Saturday May 20th, 11-19:00

    Inspirational Talks:­­ (donation box) www.daysforgirls.org

    12:00 Intention Setting/Living your Dreams Chelle (eng) www.Intentional-Transformation.com
    12:30 Anti-Aging-Jeunesse - Tina / Ute / Claudia (german) www.tinalotz.jeunesseglobal.com
    13:00 Soul`s Purpose-Life`s Passion+Sense Meditation-Terri (english) www.terrihofstetter.com
    13:30 The Light Body...Hands of Light - Linda (ger & eng) www.mindbodysoulwellness.de
    14:00 Personal Branding: How to communicate the brand that is YOU - Personal Branding: wie stelle ich MICH als Marke dar. info@blancamelendezphotography.com
    14:30 Live Your Essence Now - Meilin (ger & eng) www.meilinehlke.com
    15:00 What Sleep Medicine can do for Beauty.- Christine (ger & eng) www.lenz-schlaf-projekte.de
    15:30 Cancelled -The Psychology of Weight Management - Nancy (ger & eng) nancytgriffiths@gmail.com
    16:00 Karma - Aktavio Lioss™Music - Iveta (english) www.lawiogold.com
    16:30 Quantum Healing Hypnosis..Have you lived before? - Linda (ger & eng) www.energy-healing.eu

    Workshops: 5€

    11:00 KundaliniYoga (beginners welcome) - Linda (ger & eng) www.mindbodysoulwellness.de
    11:30 Symphonic Gong Bath Meditation (lying down) - Linda (ger & eng) www.energy-healing.eu
    17:00 Belly Dancing - Moving Meditation - (beginners welcome) Oksana (ger & eng)
    18:00 Mindful Eating Meditation - Chelle (english) www.Intentional-Transformation.com

    Mini Treatments: 20-30min 15€ all Day Info. online registration www.wejoinin.com/sheets/nzmuc

    Women Business Photo Shoot- 20 min shoot with a prof. digital image for web usage/mit einem prof. Digitales Bild für Webnutzung
    Skin analysis- Ute www.kosmetikstudio-noblesse-neumarkt.de (german)
    Shiatsu Massage- Elisabeth www.wellness-beauty-point.de (ger & eng)
    Sound & Wisdom session- Meilin www.meilinehlke.com (ger & eng)
    Chakra Balancing- Linda www.energy-healing (ger & eng)
    Sleep Coaching- Christine www.lenz-schlaf-projekte.de (ger & eng)
    Music Meditation- Iveta www.lawiogold.com (english)
    Mindfulness Coaching- Chelle www.facebook.com/IntentionalTransformation (english)
    Online Marketing- Tina www.tinalotz.jeunesseglobal.com (ger & eng)
    Finanzberatung-Frauen-Analyse der Situation, Ziele, Wünsche- www.dvag.de/claudia.schroeter (german)
    Register for Mini Treatments online https://wejoinin.com/sheets/nzmuc

    The Samsara Cafe & Shop are open www.living-and-art.de. Health, Wellness & Beauty Products for sale. DOOR Prizes and Presentation proceeds go to Uganda days for girls project www.daysforgirls.org

    The Women`s Entrepreneur Group Metropole Nürnberg

    +49 172 8998 227

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    LINDA-Chakra Balancing. 30min 15€ Kundalini Yoga 11:00am 30min 5€ Gong Bath 11:30 30min 5€ 13:30 Hands of Light- Reiki & 16:30 Have you lived before?QHHT Presentation www.mindbodysoul wellness.de IVETA- Music Meditation 30 min 15€ 16:00 Presentation Karma. Aktavio Lioss™ music. www.lawio sun.com ELISABETH Shiatsu Chair Massage 20min 15€ www.wellness -beauty-point.de MEILIN-Sound & Wisdom Session, 20min 15€ 14:30 Presentation-Live Your Essence Now donation www.meilin ehlke.com Oksana 17:00 Belly Dancing Meditation in Motion Bauchtanz oksanradionova @rambler.ru CLAUDIA-Finanzberatung für Frauen-Analyse der Situation, Ziele, Wünsche + Beratung 20min 15€ 12:30 Anti Aging Jeunesse Produkten www.dvag.de /claudia.schroeter UTE- Hautanalyse mit kurzer Beratung 30 min, 15 € 12:30 Anti Aging Jeunesse Produkten www.kosmetik studio-noblesse-neumarkt.de CHRISTINE-Sleep Coaching 30min 15@ 15:00 What Sleep Medicine can do for Beauty www.lenz-schlaf-projekte.de CHELLE- 12:00 Intention Setting/Living your Dreams 18:00 Mindful eating meditation5€ Mindfulness coaching, 30min 15€ www.Intentional-Transform ation.com TINA-Online Marketing Coaching 30 mins 15€ - 12:30 Anti Aging Jeunesse Produkten www.tinalotz. jeunesse global.com BLANCA- 20 min Womens Business shoot with a prof. digital image for web usage 15€ 14:00 Branding You !!
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