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    Bell VEX parent signups

    Hey Parents!
    Our annual VEX tournament would not be possible without your help.

    Description of Positions
    Pit Administration: Works at the Pit Administration table in Liccardo, checking in volunteers, teams, and is the home base for the Student Pit Queuers. Helps out other volunteers as necessary.

    Inspection: Goes through a checklist or rules with each team to make sure their robot is legal.

    Team Queueing/Ushering: Directs students from the entrance of Sobrato to the Field Queuing areas. Prevent people without robots from entering the Queuing area.

    Field Queueing: Directs students to their Queuing Table, and then directs them to the Student Field Technicians.

    Judge Assistant: Help judges direct students and teams to enter judging room and manages judge interview scheduleing.

    Photographer: Take photos of teams, students, and matches.

    Concessions: Help serve and sell food.

    Roving Helpers: Help out where needed and direct spectators and teams.

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    Concessions Pit admin Inspection Team queuing Field Queuing Judge Assistant (7 am-2 pm) Roving Helpers Photographer
    Friday 11/16 (6-10 pm)
    Saturday 11/17 (7-10 am)
    Saturday 11/17 (10 am - 2 pm)
    Saturday 11/17 (2-5 pm)
    Saturday 11/17 (5-8 pm) (includes cleanup)
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