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    3rd Level Party! Thursday May, 18th 1:00-2:45

    The most anticipated even of a 3rd graders life is here!
    The 3rd grade Party!
    The students are excited about this event and most have been looking forward to it since the first grade.
    Thank you for your support in making this a day to remember.
    We will appreciate anything you are willing to do. We have the space from 12:30-3:00. The party is from 1:00-2:30. We will need people to help set up and take down as well as party with us!
    When signing up for the donations, we only need the number of items listed to the left. If your would like to bring more of that item, please sign up for two signups.
    The students suggested a game area, so if you are willing to share any family board game or card games for this event, please make sure your name is on them. Any donations you are able to make for this event will also be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, in advance for your support, help and donations.
    You may send your donations for the party to school with your child the day of the party.
    Thank you!

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    12 YOGURT 32 oz containers of any brand or flavor.
    STRAWBERRIES 3 small cartons (please slice)
    BANANAS 3 bunches
    10 POPCORN one glallon size bag of popped popcorn
    IVORY SOAP If your student would like to participate in the soap carving please have them bring a bar or more of IVORY soap to carve and to share.
    RSVP for volunteering where needed, set up and take down, and help manage stations. At least 15 volunteers, more are welcome!
    2 Napkins (100 per package)
    2 PLASTIC CUPS 8oz. 100 count
    2 PLASTIC SPOONS 100 count
    Disco lamp with extention cord.
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