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    UPREP Session 1: The Overview

    TIME: Monday, November 16th 6 – 8 PM
    PLACE: via Zoom - https://uw-phi.zoom.us/j/5537308075

    UPREP offers monthly workshops to underrepresented minority students and other aspiring future applicants who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. We offer workshops focusing on topics ranging from AMCAS application, financial aid, writing a personal statement, MCAT prep, interviews, and others.

    In this particular workshop, we will focus on the overview of the AMCAS application.

    The event itself will constitute of presentation, small group activity, and panelist Q&A. You will have an opportunity to meet and interact with current medical students who like you, have applied to medical schools in the past and want to help you be a successful applicant! Our student volunteers are very diverse and come from all walks of life who each have their own unique insights and stories they would love to share with you! Don’t forget to bring your questions!

    This is a unique opportunity to learn about the admissions process for medical school from medical students’ perspective and also a great networking event for you to possibly meet your future mentor! We hope that you are able to join us!

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: I would love to participate but am unable to attend the event. What are my options?
    A: The session will be recorded and the video will be made available for access after the event takes place. However, the presentation material will be made available for everyone.

    Q: Will I be guaranteed to find/meet a mentor if I attend in person?
    A: This program does not offer a formalized matching process for establishing new mentor-mentee relationships. As part of its mission, UPREP workshops provide time and space for current medical students and prospective applicants to network and connect. For students who’d prefer a more formalized matching process to find their mentor, we can refer you to our partner organization AFERM, who administers such program for students.

    Q: I have other questions.
    A: Please contact Lucy Li or Rob Nguyen UPREP program coordinators at uprepuwsom@gmail.com with your questions.

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