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    office hours Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann 2020-2021

    ** For PSE students only.
    * Either in person R5-09 or remote on zoom https://cnrs.zoom.us/j/93005694446?pwd=NXZyZVd2Uzk5NUVWTFZWdGYxRkJ4Zz09
    or id:930 0569 4446 / pwd: Office (please write that you will be on zoom)
    * One name per slot. Do not overwrite someone's name. Don't forget to cancel your slot if you change your mind: someone else may need it !
    * Attendance to courses and tutorials is mandatory in PPD : please don't come during those hours.

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    Mo Oct 25 (attn : Toussaint break) **FRIDAY** Nov5 (no slot Nov1&Nov8) Mo Nov15 Mo Nov22 Mo Nov29 Mo Dec6
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