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    Pray for Jack's Recovery

    Thank you so much for praying for this family. It means so much to them to know they have been so loved, supported and prayed for.

    Please continue praying for Jack's recovery.

    Jack had a nightmare and headache and Laura had the wisdom to take him to the ER
    The ER Dr. had the knowledge to take a CT scan
    They were able to operate
    Seattle Children's hospital is so accessible
    We are able to share Jack's story with so many people who love JESUS, via the internet
    Jack has said a few complete sentences
    Laura got to HOLD Jack : )

    Please pray:
    for Jack's recovery
    that Jack's brain would reabsorb the fluid and he would NOT need a shunt
    for a benign tumor
    that Jack would regain mobility on his right side
    that Jack's vision and hearing would not be affected
    for the doctors and nurses caring for Jack
    for the pressure in Jack's brain to stabilize
    for Brent and Laura to eat and get sleep so they can be there for Jaidyn, Jack and Evan
    for Jaidyn (7) and Evan (2) they are scared and miss their mommy, daddy and brother
    for those of us surrounding this family, pray that we would be the support they need

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