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    Fall 2023 Choral Auditions

    Returning music (voice) majors and any non-music major who has previously been in Chorale: Sign up for a time on Thursday the 17th or Friday the 18th.

    Incoming Freshman voice majors: Enroll in either University Chorus Tenor/Bass choir or University Chorus Treble choir but will still need to do an audition. Sign Up on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023

    The University Chorus Tenor/Bass Choir and Treble Choir are open to ALL UT students WITHOUT audition. You may enroll and come to the first class day.

    Concert Chorale and Treble Chamber Choir require audition. Non-music majors interested in being considered for either of these ensembles should audition Thursday or Friday

    Please prepare 16~32 measures of of a song to be sung a cappella. Choose a piece that will present the best of you as a vocalist. Any genre is acceptable.

    Faculty will take the singers through a series of musical skill assessments: vocalises, sightread, rhythm read, and tonal memory exercises.

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    Thursday August 17, 2023 Friday August 18, 2023 Saturday August 19, 2023
    9:00 am
    9:08 am
    9:16 am
    9:24 am
    9:32 am
    9:40 am
    9:48 am
    9:56 am
    10:04 am
    10:12 am
    10:20 am
    10:28 am
    10:40 am
    10:48 am
    10:56 am
    11:04 am
    11:12 am
    11:20 am
    11:28 am
    11:36 am
    11:44 am
    11:52 am
    1:00 pm
    1:08 pm
    1:16 pm
    1:24 pm
    1:32 pm
    1:40 pm
    1:48 pm
    1:56 pm
    2:04 pm
    2:12 pm
    2:20 pm
    2:28 pm
    2:36 pm
    2:44 pm
    3:00 pm
    3:08 pm
    3:16 pm
    3:24 pm
    3:32 pm
    3:40 pm
    3:48 pm
    3:56 pm
    4:04 pm
    4:12 pm
    4:20 pm
    4:28 pm
    4:36 pm
    4:44 pm
    4:52 pm
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