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    AYSO Region 92 El Segundo Challenger Fall Trainers 2016

    Please click to reserve your session with a Challenger Trainer. You will receive an email confirming your session time and to discuss expectations and session requests. To receive a confirmation email please request a session at least 24 hours before the start time.

    Please have all players arrive ten minutes early to maximize productivity for the full hour.

    Please put the age, gender and name of head coach of your team into the "Leave a comment section". You will receive an email from which you can reply and request a session topic to work on if you choose. Session topics and additional information can be found at www.ayso92.org

    For questions please contact:
    - Challenger Trainers: Polly Edmonds pollyedmonds87@hotmail.com Pete Marquis petermarquis1@aol.com
    - AYSO 92: TBD
    - Challenger Office: Laura Jeffery: ljeffery@challengersports.com
    This coach mentorship program is to improve your abilities as a coach. Therefore, you MUST be at your session. Challenger coaches are not going to "take the team" for the evening - they are going to work with you to provide feedback and tips for improvement. Every coach is expected to have at least one session with a challenger coach.

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    4pm-5pm 5pm-6pm 6pm-7pm 7pm-8pm
    Tues Sept 13 Richmond Field
    Tues Sept 13 Campus East
    Weds Sept 14 Richmond Field
    Weds Sept 14 Campus East
    Thurs Sept 15 Richmond Field
    Thurs Sept 15 Campus East
    Mon Sept 19 Brett Field
    Mon Sept 19 Campus East
    Tues Sept 20 Brett Field
    Tues Sept 20 Campus East
    Weds Sept 21 Brett Field
    Weds Sept 21 Campus East
    Thurs Sept 22 Brett Field
    Thurs Sept 22 Campus East
    Mon Sept 26 Richmond Field
    Mon Sept 26 Campus East
    Tues Sept 27 Richmond Field
    Tues Sept 27 Campus East
    Weds Sept 28 Richmond Field
    Weds Sept 28 Campus East
    Thurs Sept 29 Richmond Field
    Thurs Sept 29 Campus East
    Mon Oct 3 Brett Field
    Tues Oct 4 Brett Field
    Weds Oct 5 Brett Field
    Thurs Oct 6 Brett Field
    Mon Oct 10 Richmond Field
    Mon Oct 10 Campus East
    Tues Oct 11 Richmond Field
    Tues Oct 11 Campus East
    Weds Oct 12 Richmond Field
    Weds Oct 12 Campus East
    Thurs Oct 13 Richmond Field
    Thurs Oct 13 Campus East
    Mon Oct 17 Brett Field
    Mon Oct 17 Campus East
    Tues Oct 18 Brett Field
    Tues Oct 18 Campus East
    Weds Oct 19 Brett Field
    Weds Oct 19 Campus East
    Thurs Oct 20 Brett Field
    Thurs Oct 20 Campus East
    Mon Oct 24 Richmond Field
    Tues Oct 25 Richmond Field
    Weds Oct 26 Richmond Field
    Thurs Oct 27 Richmond Field
    Mon Oct 31 Brett Field
    Mon Oct 31 Campus East
    Tues Nov 1 Brett Field
    Tues Nov 1 Campus East
    Weds Nov 2 Brett Field
    Weds Nov 2 Campus East
    Thurs Nov 3 Brett Field
    Thurs Nov 3 Campus East
    Mon Nov 7 Richmond Field
    Mon Nov 7 Campus East
    Tues Nov 8 Richmond Field
    Tues Nov 8 Campus East
    Weds Nov 9 Richmond Field
    Weds Nov 9 Campus East
    Thurs Nov 10 Richmond Field
    Thurs Nov 10 Campus East
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