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    ULC Worship Service Greeters and Ushers

    Please sign up here to be an usher during the ULC services (9:45 AM on Sunday Mornings).

    Here are the usher responsibilities:
    -With two ushers, one can be at the door into the sanctuary and the other can greet by the front door. With one usher, greet people at the door of the sanctuary.
    -Greet people as they come in.
    -Hand out announcement sheets bulletins/announcements and large print bulletins.
    -Hand out the activity bags to families with young children.
    -Record the number of people who participated in the service and place that in an offering plate.
    -Help direct people forward for Communion to receive the bread and wine or grape juice. They can receive a Communion package up front.
    People then return to their seats and open/consume their Communion kits there.

    ULC is now back to ushering like we did before the pandemic, including:
    • Find others attending to help pass the offering plates
    • Bringing forward the offering and the Communion elements
    • Collecting the offering
    • All the usual pre-pandemic things

    See detailed ushering instructions by copying the following link into your web browser:

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    Sunday February 4th at 9:45AM Sunday February 11th at 9:45AM Sunday February 18th at 9:45AM Sunday February 25th at 9:45AM Sunday March 3rd at 9:45AM Sunday March 10th at 9:45AM Sunday March 17th at 9:45AM Sunday March 24th at 9:45AM Sunday March 31st at 9:45AM
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