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    6th Grade Shadow Mentor List

    Jr High students,
    Each 6th grade student, who is coming to shadow our program, will have three slots. You may sign up for two different students. If you sign up, be aware that you are taking on a huge responsibility. It will primarily be your job that they feel comfortable, know where to go, are included in the lessons (and aren't just sitting there), and you answer all their questions. Look through the entire list and select the one or two students you wise to mentor. If you are open to taking on a student you do not know, sign in the box at the beginning. Sibling sign up's are discouraged, but they are encouraged to make a recommendation.

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    Potential Mentor
    Aubrey Fenn (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Morgan Speicher (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Spencer Hollan (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Mendon Mozer (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Jessica Schmidt (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Issac Venzor (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Hailey Martinez (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Arabella Moretti (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Evan Johnson (Nicolletta) Tuesday Jan 26th
    Kinsley Cottrell (Amity) Wed Feb 27th
    Sam Weaver (Amity) Wed Feb 27th
    Ryson Gill (Amity) Wed Feb 27th
    Austin Rallison (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Brayden Clark (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Brinley Schow (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Caitlin Tuft (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Elli Herrick (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Jaxon Kern (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Riley Willis (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Tom Mitchell (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Wesley Hall (John) Tue Feb 9th
    Ayden Cook (Stef) Tue Feb 16th
    Collin Rodgers (Stef) Tue Feb 16th
    Tim Smiths (Stef) Tue Feb 16th
    Tyson Warner (Stef) Tue Feb 16th
    Rylie Hurd (Stef) Tue Feb 16th
    Mireya Flores (Stef) Tue Feb 16th
    Lily Garrison (Stef) Tue Feb 16th
    Maci Bench (Amy)
    Afei Cracroft (Amy)
    Presely Galbraith (Amy)
    Truman Nelson (Amy)
    Caili Purcell (Amy)
    James Udink (Amy)
    Lucas Weaver (Amy)
    Jack Wolfinger (Amy)
    Gabe Zollinger (Amy)
    Griffin Ekstrom (Kirsten) Wed Jan 27th
    Andrew Shutt (Kirsten) Wed Jan 27th
    Julian Parkin (Kirsten) Wed Jan 27th
    Isaac Penrod (Kirsten) Wed Jan 27th
    Emily Wallace (Kirsten) Wed Jan 27th
    Lindsay Waters (Kirsten) Wed Jan 27th
    Jaycie Allen (Shanan)
    Karter Bradley (Shanan)
    Elijah Byers (Shanan)
    Emma Vore (Shanan)
    Camryn Sheen (Shanan)
    Luke Webb (Shanan)
    Ashton Nelson (Shanan)
    Tamzin Churchill (Shanan)
    Erika Wonson (Shanan)
    Dakoda Cruze (Shanan)
    Abish Shurtleff (Shanan)
    Gabe Slattery (Shanan)
    Myly Brown (Shanan)
    Sky Bouaphaseuth (Paula)
    Nate Anderson (Paula)
    Coleman Goddard (Paula)
    Izzy Greenfield (Paula)
    Cori Springer (Paula)
    Maya Stephens (Paula)
    Mason Swenson (Paula)
    Aniella Thornton (Paula)
    Mason Swenson (Paula)
    Aniella Thornton (Paula)
    Laci Gold (Paula)
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