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    North Austin Soccer Alliance Spring 2017

    Coaches you can use this sheet to sign up for a session for your team to be coached by one of our professional trainers.
    Times are approximate, but if you are able to be flexible the night you schedule our trainer that will help.
    When you sign up please indicate the location you practice. We can then try and coordinate sessions with other teams at the same location.
    Please be aware of the location before or after your time to allow travel if needed.

    Sign up

    Click the 'Join' link in a slot below to sign up there.
    Session 1 5:15pm-6:15pm Session 2 6:15pm-7:15pm Session 3 7:15pm-8:15pm
    Monday Feb 13th
    Tuesday Feb 14th
    Wednesday Feb 15th
    Thursday Feb 16th
    Friday Feb 17th
    Monday Feb 20th
    Tuesday Feb 21st
    Wednesday Feb 22nd
    Thursday Feb 23rd
    Friday Feb 24th
    Monday Feb 27th
    Tuesday Feb 28th
    Wednesday March 1st
    Thursday March 2nd
    Friday March 3rd
    Monday March 6th
    Tuesday March 7th
    Wednesday March 8th
    Thursday March 9th
    Friday March 10th
    Monday March 13th
    Tuesday March 14th
    Wednesday March 15th
    Thursday March 16th
    Friday March 17th
    Monday March 20th
    Tuesday March 21st
    Wednesday March 22nd
    Thursday March 23rd
    Friday March 24th
    Monday March 27th
    Tuesday March 28th
    Wednesday March 29th
    Thursday March 30th
    Friday March 31st
    Monday April 3rd
    Tuesday April 4th
    Wednesday April 5th
    Thursday April 6th
    Friday April 7th
    Monday April 10th
    Tuesday April 11th
    Wednesday April 12th
    Thursday April 13th
    Friday April 14th
    Monday April 17th
    Tuesday April 18th
    Wednesday April 19th
    Thursday April 20th
    Friday April 21st
    Monday April 24th
    Tuesday April 25th
    Wednesday April 26th
    Thursday April 27th
    Friday April 28th
    Monday May 1st
    Tuesday May 2nd
    Wednesday May 3rd
    Thursday May 4th
    Friday May 5th
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