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    Let's Talk Sign-Up Fall 2020 with Sonia Amin, M.A. 3-4 pm PST

    CAPS Let’s Talk Program

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, CAPS will provide virtual Let’s Talk on a limited basis. Students can schedule a brief consultation with a counselor to be conducted by phone or by Zoom video.

    What is Let’s Talk:
    The CAPS Let's Talk program provides easy access to informal, brief, consultation sessions with mental health professionals from UC Berkeley's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). It is free and there is no paperwork to complete.
    Speaking with a therapist during Let’s Talk can help you access support, gain perspective, explore resources and options, and discuss how therapy might be helpful.

    Let’s Talk sessions could be used to:
    - Cope with grief and loss during COVID-19
    - Talk about experiences of racism and discrimination
    - Talk about navigating family and relationship difficulties.
    - Learn more about mental health resources and virtual therapy services,
    - Talk about stress and anxiety related to academics and/or relationship concerns,
    - Talk about general challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic
    - Learn about healthy ways to cope with stress and other concerns
    - Get emotional support and identify ways to increase social connection during shelter-in-place
    - Create a menu of therapy options to consider, or identify a future plan of action with CAPS

    Although Let’s Talk consultations are with mental health professionals, they are not therapy sessions and do not constitute mental health treatment. Let’s Talk meetings are not part of the student’s mental health records. Let’s Talk is not for urgent concerns. If you are in crisis or need immediate support, please call CAPS at 510-642-9494. If CAPS is closed, please call the CAPS after hours support line at 855-817-5667.

    Limits to Confidentiality:
    When there is an immediate threat of harm to you or others, Let’s Talk counselors are required by law to report this. When a minor, elderly person or someone otherwise incapacitiated is being abused, Let’s Talk consultants are also required by law to report this.

    If your Let’s Talk consultant assesses that you could benefit from a higher level of care, they will provide you with resources at the University and surrounding community. CAPS staff will also do their best to help those living outside of Berkeley or the state identify options for treatment.

    ----------------Instructions to Students on WeJoinIn Site: ---------------------
    How to Schedule a Virtual Let’s Talk Visit
    - Please sign-up for a 20-minute time-slot by giving your name and e-mail. If you prefer not to leave your full name please feel free to leave initials, first name only or a pseudonym

    *IMPORTANT* In the comment section:
    - Provide the phone number at which you can be reached
    - Designate whether you prefer a phone call or a Zoom video visit

    Once you complete the above steps, you are scheduled for a Virtual Let’s Talk Visit, and you can expect the following:
    - Your Let’s Talk consultant will contact you at the designated time
    - You can expect a phone call if you requested to be contacted by phone (the call will be from a blocked number)
    - If you requested Zoom video, please use the following Zoom meeting ID: 505 746 9014 and wait for your Let’s Talk consultant to start the meeting

    Please be Advised:
    - If you do not state a preference for Zoom video, the Let’s Talk consultant will call you at the number provided.
    - If all slots are full or if available slots do not work with your schedule, please call CAPS at (510) 642-9494 and ask for a phone consultation with Sonia Amin, M.A. or with another CAPS therapist.
    - CAPS hours are currently 10am-4pm, Monday - Friday.

    Urgent Concerns:
    - For urgent concerns, please call (510) 642-9494 and inform the CAPS front desk that you have an urgent concern and would like a same-day phone consultation with a therapist.
    - For after-hours support, please call the 24/7 support line at (855) 817-5667.

    Other Emergency Resources:
    - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (link is external) (24/7): 800-273-8255.
    - Alta Bates Emergency Room (link is external).
    - The Trevor Project (link is external) (for LGBTQ+ Youth, 24/7): (866) 488-7386.

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