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    Three people, soon came to the courtyard of the waterside pavilion, Yin Ruohua closed his eyes, carefully feeling, as usual, Shuiyingzhu began to tremble slightly, and the purple bell on the ankle began to stir. When he twisted his eyebrows slightly and was about to speak to Tang Ning, he suddenly saw Tang Ning looking at Meng Lanyin beside him with a very surprised expression. Meng Lanyin's expression was extremely shocked. His eyes were wide open. The original blue eyes turned dark blue at the moment, and his eyes kept flashing in circles. He opened his lips slightly and trembled gently. Yin Ruohua instantly felt that Meng Lanyin must have seen something strange, because he had heard of Yin yuanhu. When Meng Lanyin was a child, because of this adventure, he worshipped a superior teacher and learned a lot of heretical ways. Although he did not know martial arts, he could still resolve the strange magic. Yin Ruohua saw that Meng Lanyin's body began to tremble slightly. She thought a little and stepped forward. Holding his hand, she asked, "What's wrong with Lanyin?" Tang Ning also asked with concern, "Yes, Mr. Meng, but what's wrong? Why don't you go to the young lady's wing to have a rest?" Meng Lanyin seemed to be awakened by Yin Ruohua and Tang Ning, and his heart could not help but relax: when he saw the concerned eyes of Yin Ruohua and Tang Ning, his heart was also moved. He looked at Yin Ruohua and Tang Ning, then glanced at the waterside pavilion. He hesitated and said, "The courtyard is not good. Miss Liu and Brother Tang, don't move in. Well, it's better for others not to move in.." Yin Ruohua listens, in the heart suddenly understands, from Meng Lanyin's performance just now, he must be to see something,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the orb on the head of the strange road and the purple bell on the ankle, the reflection is so huge. That's because, Shuiyingzhu is timid on the land, it is an orb, naturally can feel unusual, and Zixiaoling is absolutely domineering, it is angry, so it is so hot and unbearable, no,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, now that you see what, you must find out about it, but in the palace, ah, your relatives are in it. Thinking of it, he said to Meng Lanyin, "Lanyin, I know what you see. There are no outsiders here. Would you like to tell Brother He Ning?" Meng Lanyin looked at Yin Ruohua and gently pursed her ruddy and full lips. She calmed down and said, "Well, just now, Lanyin, standing in the courtyard, saw a bewitching array in the courtyard of Shuixie. This bewitching array is exclusive to a big clan in Nanzhou." "Which clan?" Yin Ruohua and Tang Ning spoke in unison. Is the Yin clan, is to defeat the Xuanyuan clan, self-proclaimed emperor, and later by Rui Wang extermination of the clan, that Yin clan. Meng Lanyin whispered. When Yin Ruohua heard this, she looked puzzled and muttered to herself, "Didn't the Yin clan have long been exterminated by their grandmother?"? How can you still be in the palace of Yin Wang, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, do you want to harm your grandmother, or want to kill all the people in the palace.. "No, Miss Liu, this array-this array does no harm to ordinary people, especially to Zihao. It's just-it's just that it does great harm to the son, especially to the son who is married. This array has a name-the separation of wife and children." When Meng Lanyin saw the two men on the opposite side, they all opened their mouths and stared at him. "Because this array is extremely vicious, even the people of the Yin clan are strictly forbidden to use it without authorization. But any son who lives in this array will never have any children, so you call it wife divorce."; If you stay in this array for more than five years, even if you leave this array later, you will not be pregnant. Once you are pregnant, not only will the child be lost, but even adults will not be able to survive. When you give birth, your father and son will be afraid to die.. "Ah!"! -Ah! "No?"? "Yin Ruohua and Tang Ning, first in unison, a moment later in unison-no?"? Because we are at the same time think of once lived in the house, Yin Feiyang group of husband attendant, but, if the father and son are afraid to die, then why Qin Ying Kui will be more than a year ago, give birth to a child, and he himself is still fine now? Yin Ruohua thought for a moment, or this question 50, to Meng Lanyin tell clearly. After hearing this, Meng Lanyin was both happy and alarmed.
    Happy is because Yin Ruohua trust him, just tell him this matter completely clearly, sad is because, he can not imagine, princes family, compete for favor to such an extent, unexpectedly so clever put out this array, killing and invisible. However, Meng Lanyin also felt strange. He put the array so cleverly that he made full use of all the waterside pavilions in the courtyard circle. Then no one could survive. He lowered his head. After a moment, he said resolutely to Yin Ruohua, "Miss Liu, if you believe in Lanyin and think of the center of the array, you can see more carefully.." Yin Ruohua listens to hesitate, see Tang Ning eye, Tang Ning's eye also is the meaning that does not agree with, then hesitate to say: "Hum-." Just now That this array has a great impact on the son, that. "Miss Six, it doesn't matter. We'll just go in and have a look. It won't take long. Thank you for your concern." Meng Lan sound words, blue eyes, looking at Yin Ruohua flashing with joy and joy. Yin Ruohua took out the warm jade flute and gently blew a few notes. Not far away, she heard a few whistling sounds. As the whistling sounds got closer and closer, Chen Meihua and Nangong Yuse came to her eyes. Yin Ruohua succinctly repeated the story of Meng Lanyin's bewitching array just now, and then they decided that Yin Ruohua would take Meng Lanyin, Chen Meihua, and Nangong Yuse to go in and watch the array. According to the time of the stick of incense, Downing stayed outside the array, and if the time was up, the four had not yet come out. Tang Ning immediately went to find his mother and informed Yin Wenmo and others. The reason why I don't tell others now is that it is important and must not be disclosed easily. Yin Ruohua took the lead and walked directly in the direction of the bedroom where Qin Yingzhao used to live. When there was still some distance from the bedroom, Zixiaoling began to tightly lock Yin Ruohua's legs and wrists, rotating back and forth, as if to remind Yin Ruohua to wrap around it and remove the silk. No way, Yin Ruohua, had to remove the silk wrapped in it. Remove the bondage of the purple bell, jump up and down to send out the extremely excited bell,304 Stainless Steel Coil, rotating around the ankle, emitting a dazzling purple light immediately spread out around the circle of ripples, swinging dust. sxthsteel.com

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