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    Lover's Arrow

    When Fang Xin saw his complexion, he felt a chill in his heart. When he turned his head, he saw that Fang Yi was stiff and knew he was dead. His eyes were angry and bulging. He looked at it in detail, but he didn't know what technique had hit the acupoint. With his martial arts experience, he couldn't understand it. He turned around and stood up. "Laozhang.." he said. Suddenly there was a small noise on the stairs, and a tall man in brocade clothes ran up quickly. Zhan Mengbai and Fang Xin looked at the man and were startled. When the man in brocade saw Fang and Zhan, he suddenly looked pleased. He folded his fists slightly and said, "Fang Jumujing asked the elder of the palace how he was." Zhan Mengbai was greatly surprised. "Why did Fang Jumu call me the elder of the palace?" He asked. The cold face of the blind old man suddenly changed, and only then did he realize that although Fang Jumu was looking at himself, he was actually talking to the old man, because the old man was blind, so Fang Jumu did not have to look at him. "Who are you?" Asked the blind old man? Who is the elder Gong? Fang Jumu smiled and said, "The elder doesn't know the little man. The little man is just acting for my master. I respectfully ask the elder to come to the outside of the city for a chat." "Who is your master?" Snapped the blind old man. Fang Jumu said, "My master only ordered the little man to tell the elder Gong that the old friend who rode beyond the Great Wall twenty years ago was eager to see the elder Gong again." The blind old man was stunned for a long time. "Where is it?" He asked slowly. Fang Jumu said, "The little man is going to welcome the elder." The blind old man raised his palm and gently stroked the hair of the girl beside him. "Ling Ling," he said in a deep voice, "go and untie the thin young man's acupoint." Ling Ling hung his head and clapped his hands on Fang Yi. Fang Yi coughed and spat out a mouthful of thick phlegm. He turned over and stood up. He was drunk and crazy. Fang Xin glared at him mercilessly, but attached himself to Fang Jumu's ear and said softly: "Fourth brother, this man." Fang Jumu waved his hand and told him to shut up. But he said to Zhan Mengbai with a smile, "Why did Mr. Zhan go all the way with my third brother? Where did Mrs. Xiao San go?" Zhan Mengbai sighed sadly. Before he could answer, he heard the blind old man say,whirlpool hot tub, "Go!" When he went down the stairs first, his eyes were blind, but his footsteps were very light, and he was no longer as old as before. Fang Xin frowned and asked softly, "Who is this man?"? Why can't I remember it at the moment? "This man is Gong Jinbi," said Fang Jumu slowly, word by word. Fang Xin turned pale and said, "This man is Gong Jinbi,Chinese spa manufacturer, the" Qianfeng Sword "who used to be called" looks like a son and has a heart like steel. "How did he become like this?" Zhan Mengbai was also surprised: "The" Seven Celebrities "who have rarely appeared in the martial arts world, let me see another one today." Only listen to giant wood hurriedly: "The person is old, appearance nature changed, he already went downstairs, we still do not go quickly!" "Shall we go together?" Asked Fang Xin thoughtfully. "Don't worry," said Fang Jumu. "How could the master leave the valley? I just cheated Gong Jinbi in the name of the master on behalf of the second emperor's son-in-law. You can go naturally." "What do you think, Mr. Zhan?" Asked Fang Xin. Show dream white full of curiosity, really want to see their mouth "master", "son-in-law", is what? What's more, these people all had a very deep relationship with his mother. Naturally, the four of them went downstairs together, only to see Gong Jinbi standing by the roadside with his hands on his back. In the moonlight and starlight, as expected, hot tub manufacturers ,jacuzzi bath spa, he could still vaguely see the elegance of the past. The girl's big eyes turned around, and when she saw Zhan Mengbai, she hung her head and smiled softly. Fang Jumu whistled, and suddenly the sound of the carriage shook in the street. In the hiss of the carriage and horse, a carriage with eight horses running side by side galloped in a hurry. Zhan Mengbai was even more surprised when he saw that the chariots and horses were all extraordinary things, as if they had been ridden by princes. When they got into the carriage, Gong Jinbi was leaning far away in the corner, with a proud expression. It was obvious that he disdained to associate with others. Fang Yi was deceiving him blind and could not stop his evil eyes. Zhan Mengbai thought with a deep sigh, "This man is really incorrigible. I almost misjudged him." When Fang Xin saw Zhan Mengbai looking at his son, there was a faint sneer at the corners of his mouth.
    The eight horses were not only the same color, but their steps were not disorderly at all. The eight horses raised and fell at the same time, four in the front and four in the back. When they reached the corner, the steps of the horses on the inside became smaller, while the steps of the horses on the outside became bigger. Their silver manes were flying and shining in the moonlight. They were highly trained soldiers. Their steps were so orderly and spectacular that passers-by looked at them all the way. Zhan Mengbai and others sat in the carriage, as if they were sitting in a room. In a moment, the carriage was out of the city. The willows beside the road seemed to have been blown down by the strong wind and fell beside him one by one. Galloping for a long time, I saw the mountains rising and falling in front of me. The whip whistled, and the strong horse hissed. Fang Jumu smiled and said, "Here we are!" As soon as I got out of the car, I saw a temple in the middle of the mountain, with towering eaves and magnificent weather, but the temple wall was very decadent, as if it had been abandoned for a long time. Inside the temple, the lights were as bright as day, but no human voice could be heard. Fang Jumu shouted, "Old Mr. Gong is here!" The gate opened with a sound, and two lines of big men in brocade clothes, holding the palace lantern high, came over one after another. They passed through the lantern cup, only to see a long bright red felt. From the gate to the stone steps of the main hall, a young man in brocade clothes stood on the stone steps. Lingling, the girl with a hanging bun, was holding her father's clothes tightly in her little hand. She looked very nervous. Although Zhan Mengbai was born in an aristocratic family, she had never seen such pomp and circumstance. But when she saw Gong Jinbi coming in proudly, her clothes were ragged like a beggar, but her expression was like a prince. She said in a deep voice, "Where is Xiao Xianggong?" In the lamplight, I saw the young man in brocade on the stone steps, with a long and graceful body, sword eyebrows and starry eyes. The wind blew his clothes like a jade tree facing the wind. When he saw all the people coming, he did not step down. He smiled proudly and raised his hand and said, "Mr. Gong, please!" Gong Jin porridge strode up, but Fang Jumu, Fang Xin and his son had already prostrated themselves. Fang Xin bowed his head and said, "Fang Xin pays his respects to the Marquis of Powder!" Want to know "powder Marquis" is the meaning of "emperor's son-in-law", Zhan Mengbai saw a martial arts strongman actually called himself emperor's son-in-law,outdoor hot tub, also do not know is angry or laugh, but saw this young man so charming, secretly can not help but have the heart of pity. monalisa.com

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