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    9-12 Orchestra Winter Retreat Snack Sign-Up 2020

    Hello, Parents!

    Thank you for sending snacks for our hungry kids to eat while rehearsing, playing and having fun in the mountains at the Angeles Crest Camp next week. Camp fees only cover six meals, a two-night's stay and sectional coaches-- there is not enough to cover snacks! Send your snacks with your student and clearly label it: "Orchestra Retreat Donation".

    If you are unable to donate an item, a monetary donation of $10 sent with your student would be much appreciated!

    -The Chaperones

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    3-4 Boxes Graham Crackers 3 Bags of Jet-Puffed Lg Marshmallows 3 Boxes of Hershey Bars (6 bars in each)NO NUTS 1 Box of Chips with 40-50 servings or more 1 Lg Bag Tortilla Chips, 1 Lg Can Nacho Cheese Sauce, Salsa Lg Movie-Style Buttered Popcorn Bags (4) (Trader Joe's) 2-3 Tubs of Cookies from TJs NO NUTS Whole Fruits (at least 12 servings) (Bananas, Mandarin Oranges, Washed -Apples) Please specify Instant Cup Noodles (mild)- 24-pack Small Paper plates (100), bowls (100) and Napkins (100) and Forks (100) Packets of Instant Hot Apple Cider 3 Cases of IndWater Bottles 16 oz Water Jugs (2.5 gallon)
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