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    FCDTC Friday, July 2nd Trial

    Please sign-up for any jobs that you would like to do. The club greatly appreciates your volunteering to help at the trial. As you know a trial cannot run effectively without the help of our volunteers. The club will reward you with raffle tickets to a really great raffle!!

    If you have any questions please email Karen @ kizziesmom@msn.com.

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    Scribe Timer Transcriber Gate Steward Leash Runner Sheet Runner Videographer Barsetter
    EX/MAS JWW 24" & 20" - PART 1
    EX/MAS JWW 20" - Part 2
    EX/MAS JWW 16"
    EX/MAS JWW 12" - 4"
    EX/MAS STD 24" & 20" - Part 1
    EX/MAS STD 20" - Part 2
    EX/MAS STD 16"
    EX/MAS STD 12' - 4"
    Prem STD
    Open STD
    Open JWW
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