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    Colin's Hope Completed At-Home Volunteer Kit Drop-Off

    You've finished! Congratulations!! And thank you for donating your time and talents to help prevent drowning. Your completed kit will serve 700 families by providing essential water safety education and resources.

    Before returning your project, please verify that you have:

    • Bundled the cards in packs of 20 with wristbands to one corner.
    • Pulled out any wristbands caught between the cards when bundled.
    • Filled up each large box with at least 300 cards (if you can).
    • Labeled the outside of each box with the language (Eng/Sp) and count of the contained cards.
    • Made sure the boxes close properly and stack well (not overstuffed).
    • Packaged any leftover supplies separately and left them outside the card boxes for easy retrieval by our staff.

    Once you've verified your project is complete, please select a time and location to drop off your completed cards and remaining supplies below.

    Available Locations:

    CEDAR PARK: 604 Brazos Bend Drive (near the 1890 Ranch Shopping Center), front porch
    LAKEWAY: 147 World of Tennis (a condominium off of Lakeway Drive near the Lakeway Swim Center), front porch

    If you are unable to drop off your project at one of these locations or during one of the following timeslots, please contact our Program Coordinator, Lynda Logan, at lynda.logan@colinshope.org to make other arrangements.

    Thank you again for volunteering! And, if you'd like to be kept on our Volunteer Notification List, signup for our emails here: http://eepurl.com/gPemFz

    Best Day Ever!
    Lynda Logan, Program Coordinator

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    Lakeway Location Cedar Park Location
    Monday, June 29, Anytime
    Tuesday, June 30, Anytime
    Wednesday, July 1, Anytime
    Thursday, July 2, Anytime
    Friday, July 3, Anytime
    Monday, July 6, before 8pm
    Tuesday, July 7, before 8pm
    Wednesday, July 8, before 8pm
    Thursday, July 9, before 8pm
    Monday, July 13, before 8pm
    Tuesday, July 14, before 8pm
    Wednesday, July 15, before 8pm
    Thursday, July 16, before 8pm
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