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    Be a female companion in the age text [wear quickly]

    After tasting the soup and eating the food, Qian Youcai began to pull Wei Sinian to drink. He himself touched several glasses with others, and then asked the other people at the table to toast the latter in turn, even the iron pillar who was not very good at drinking did not escape. Gradually, Qian Baozhu perceived his father's intention and could not help laughing and crying. Wei Sinian and he drank several times, but he didn't get drunk. Didn't he know that he didn't know the depth of his drinking capacity? He just wanted to get drunk carefully, and didn't know who was drunk first. And such an obvious attempt, the parties will not see it, certainly will not be obviously drunk ah. However, Qian Baozhu was probably wrong this time. In the following time, Wei Sinian proved by his actions that even though he saw the intention of having money, perhaps because someone was in a good mood to celebrate the New Year together, he actually accepted all the drinks that the latter tried their best to offer. With the cooperation of both sides, the atmosphere at the dinner table was harmonious and harmonious. After three rounds of drinking, the sound of firecrackers outside, the house is in full swing, and the new year is approaching. The wind stopped and the light snow began to turn to heavy snow. At night, the banquet in the room came to an end, most of the New Year's Eve dinner on the table was spent, and two bottles of wine were almost bottomed out. Qian Baozhu and Chunni, Tiezhu three people have long been full,Edible oil filling machine, but over there two people are still sparing no effort to drink, they have the right to sit as a companion did not put down chopsticks, while chatting about what to do for a few days of the New Year, while occasionally picking up a few chopsticks to deal with side dishes, do not let the atmosphere of the table cool down. Looking at the other two people, when the two bottles of wine were drunk up, I saw that Wei Sinian's face was thin and red, and his eyes were blurred,juice filling machine, and he seemed to be drunk. Then the rich fox's tail was finally exposed, and when he saw that he was really drunk, he immediately rubbed his hands and began to pull his own small abacus. Bao'er, Wei Xian's nephew is drunk. You go to boil the sobering soup and give it to him later. Before the action, he sent his baby girl away with a smile. "Qian Baozhu listened to his orders and subconsciously got up to do it." Boss, I'll do it. It's cold outside. Chunni then stood up and said. Although the house and the kitchen were burning with stoves and warm as spring, the road from the main house to the kitchen was bound to be cold. But Qian Youcai waved his hand and said, "The stove in the kitchen hasn't been extinguished yet. Go out and wrap yourself in a big jacket. It's not cold. Otherwise, you two can go together." Qian Baozhu saw that his father seemed to have something to say to Wei Sinian, so he deliberately sent them away, so he stopped Chunni, who wanted to persuade her, and put on a cotton-padded overcoat with her to cook sobering soup in front of her. Anyway, I was full, water bottle packaging machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and I drank a little wine, so I was warm and not cold, so I went out to get some air. I just don't know what Qian Youcai is going to say to Wei Sinian. After all, the latter looks drunk. What can he say. Is it to let people speak the truth after drinking? Qian Baozhu shook his head in a funny way and let the iron pillar stay to take care of the two men. He took Chunni to push open the half-closed door and went out. The moment I came out, the cold air came to my face, and the warm air lingering behind me made people shiver uncontrollably. Not long after they ate the New Year's Eve dinner, the goose feather snow rustled down, and the outside had become snow-covered. Qian Baozhu breathed a sigh of relief and walked on the snow in the courtyard, listening to the creaking sound under his feet, somehow remembering the scene of last year's New Year. It was also snowing at that time, and we also had a lively New Year's Eve dinner in this small courtyard. It's just that there's one more person on New Year's Eve this year, and the mood is subtly different. After Qian Baozhu left, Qian Youcai glanced at someone beside him who was leaning on his head as if he were meditating, and called out to him tentatively. Nephew Wei Xian? Nephew Wei Xian? And then pushed again. With a hum, Wei Sinian looked up to reveal his red face and eyes, looking blurred and absent-minded, giving people the feeling that he could not be more drunk. Qian Youcai smiled with satisfaction, with a little pride in his expression, feeling that the ginger was still old and hot. How old are you today, my good nephew? "Where is home?"? What do parents do? "Is there a child bride and fiancee in the old family according to the matchmaker's words?" “……” In the next few minutes, Tiezhu watched helplessly as their host held Mr. Wei's hand, asking one question after another.
    By this time, even if he was not stupid enough, he could see something fishy. Why did the host persuade the guests to drink again and again just now? It turned out that he wanted to get people drunk. Then listen to the meaning of his questions, iron pillar think just go out of their own young lady, the heart has a small animal like enlightenment, immediately shrink in the position to continue to eat food silently, dare not disturb the owner's drunken interrogation plan. Qian Youcai's question went smoothly, and the previous questions were basically answered, but when it came to work, the other party was silent, and finally fell asleep on the table. Qian Youcai simply gave up, anyway, the question is almost asked, but also got a very satisfactory answer. When Qian Baozhu came back with sobering soup, he was catching up with him to let people go, so that Qian Youcai secretly patted himself on the chest to rejoice, but fortunately he did not let his daughter find out. Although he did have the idea of matchmaking, and also inspected the specific situation of his future son-in-law in advance, his own daughter was obviously not yet enlightened, so of course he was in line with the idea of staying one more day, and would not personally pierce the window paper. He still planned to let nature take its course and let the two children develop on their own. In the end, when the time comes, he will not object. Qian Baozhu saw the change of expression on his father's face and realized that he must have done something, but she couldn't guess what he had done if he didn't say anything. The only witness, Tiezhu, still kept a stuffy look when she looked at him,water filling machine, pretending to be dead and not explaining. Dad, it's late at night. Drink the soup and wake up. It's just Big Brother Wei. Qian Baozhu suppressed his distracting thoughts and gave the soup bowl in his hand to Qian Youcai and said. Wei Sinian was drunk by him. How to go back? It's snowing outside. Let him stay at our house for one night. It happens that we will celebrate the New Year together tomorrow. Qian Youcai answered happily, and his fat face showed the plateau red after drinking. gzxilinear.com

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