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    Math Fridays

    I will need one parent to organize 3 more volunteers to make a total of 4 groups of students (or 4 volunteers if the parent organizer just wants to supervise). Ideally the participating parents should play the games ahead of time to get familiarized with the rules. We will meet one Friday a month for one hour at the end of the day, and we will rotate the groups of students every 15 minutes to play with 4 different games. At the end of the session, the games will be placed in the "juegos" area of the classroom for the students to play when other school related assignments have been completed. I will provide the games and instructions.We will start our first session in October

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    PARENT ORGANIZER (in charge of supervising and helping out if another parent is absent) PARENT IN CHARGE OF GAME 1 PARENT IN CHARGE OF GAME 2 PARENT IN CHARGE OF GAME 3 PARENT IN CHARGE OF GAME 4
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