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    MATTRESS VIGIL at KSU (Tuesday 9/9)

    THANK YOU for choosing to participate in the Mattress Vigil!

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    - Find your mattress below and sign up for a time below. Be the first to claim a time, or join a teammate who’s already signed up.

    Are you an Individual?
    - Pick one of the public mattresses and claim a time slot.

    Your $5 donation will go towards efforts to assist vulnerable youth, and survivors of sex trafficking, in the U.S. and Mexico. Learn more at www.iempathize.org.

    Hosted by Freedom Alliance (http://www.ksufreedomalliance.org/).

    Please contact Mark Brende at Mark@iempathize.org if you have any questions.

    Sign up for Wednesday here: http://wejoinin.com/sheets/goyrq

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