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    The man always thinks I like him-the golden rabbit is not a rabbit.

    Fan Yage looked at her, and a very gentle smile appeared on his picturesque face, but in that gentleness, it seemed to hide a deep-seated sadness. Such eyes are enough to make all the women in the world fascinated. Yes, obviously, this young man like a banished immortal, no one else can be called except Fan Yage. He said, "Ah Yu, I am your husband." Fan Yage's eyes are gentle and firm, and full of love that can be easily seen by Xianyu. He raised his long fingers and tried to touch Xianyu's face, but Xianyu subconsciously avoided the past. Xianyu looked at him for a long time, then whispered an apology. Fan Yage was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, "I should apologize. I'm sorry, Ah Yu. It's all my fault. I know you lost your memory. Maybe I'm not used to my closeness, but I still forgot to control myself." Teenagers are slowly smiling, the sadness between eyebrows and eyes is getting heavier and heavier, such a beautiful teenager,digital interactive whiteboard, when sad, as if the whole bright scenery around has lost its luster. Xianyu noticed that his hand, which had stopped in midair, finally seemed to want to go up to her head. She looked at the teenager's expression and restrained her desire to avoid it. Then she felt the hand fall carefully on top of her head. Why do you say carefully? Perhaps it was because she felt that the hand was too gentle and restrained, as if as soon as she showed the slightest discomfort, the teenager in front of her would immediately remove the hand that was gently placed on her head. It's all my fault, Yu. I shouldn't have quarreled with you. The teenager in front of her was so sad that he seemed to be able to shed tears immediately,65 inch smart board, and even the hand that gently stroked her on her head was shaking uncontrollably because of the master's emotions. Then she heard the boy's slightly hoarse voice. "If only, if only I wasn't jealous, then Ah Yu wouldn't quarrel with me. If she didn't quarrel, the assassins wouldn't have an opportunity to take advantage of it." The young man raised his eyes, which were brighter and more beautiful than the most precious obsidian. He looked at Xianyu with deep regret and self-reproach in his eyes. "Ah Yu, you won't get hurt when you fall off the cliff in order to protect me." "It doesn't matter." Xianyu whispered. She patted Van Argyle on the shoulder. "I forgive you. Don't be sad." However, she still has some doubts, "you say, are you my husband?" Fan Yage nodded, and then told the story of his romantic love with her, telling all the causes and consequences in a voice more beautiful than the sound of the stream flowing beside him, filling in a little blank in his empty mind. In his mouth, touch screen whiteboard ,interactive panels for education, he is the king of Gong County, and Xianyu is a dark guard who has been trained since childhood to protect him, named Shiyu. The two of them grew up together as childhood sweethearts and had deep feelings for each other. She and he, the process of knowing each other, are more romantic than in the script. Fan Yage said that the two of them are a natural couple and are the most suitable for each other. Perhaps because the teenager's eyes were too bright when he said this, even every color had the taste of happiness, Xianyu could not help but believe it. Xianyu gathered her eyes and listened to their story quietly. The two of them met in a darkroom when he was eight years old and she was six. He was the little master who came to choose, and she was the little dark guard who stood with many children waiting for him to choose. Although there were so many little dark guards looking at him, he took a fancy to her in the crowd at a glance. Do you know why? Xianyu looked at the young man exulting and asked, when the young man talked about those past events, it seemed that he suddenly broke away from the dull mood at the beginning and became in high spirits. Xianyu looked at the young man like this, and her mood was better unconsciously. She asked cooperatively, "Why?" As soon as the voice fell, she saw that the boy's eyes were brighter, and the gentle smile made her face feel hot. Because Van Argyle looked her in the eye. Because Ah Yu is the most beautiful one among all the children.
    "His eyes drifted away, as if he had fallen into a wonderful memory, and even the smile on his lips was sweet with honey." A Yu's eyes are the most beautiful eyes in the world. A Yu is the most beautiful child in the world. At the first sight of a Yu, I said, I want this child. "So Ah Yu became my secret guard." After saying this sentence, the teenager seemed to think of something aggrieved, and all of a sudden, even the brilliant eyes dimmed a little. He looked at Xianyu and said with some grievance, "But I like Ah Yu. I like Ah Yu at the first sight, but Ah Yu doesn't like me." Xianyu did not know why, obviously no memory, but she felt a little bit of embarrassment. She laughed a few times. "Then I'm bold." Fan Yage paused and smiled. "Ah Yu is really bold, and the tree lies down well. Ah Yu is still bad. After she came down from the tree and hit me, she scolded me. But later I told my father that Ah Yu was beaten." Xianyu looked at Fan Yage with subtle eyes. I don't know why, when she heard the teenager say this, she felt an impulse to beat people. However, after this impulse appeared, she felt that the story was more true. But Yu didn't like me at first, but then. Fan Yage's eyes became more and more gentle. Later, when my stepmother was pregnant, she took advantage of my father's inattention to sell me to other people's teeth. At that time, I suffered a lot. The boy smiled. It was so beautiful. Then he said, "I thought I would never live again." Xianyu felt that Fan Yage looked at her with too much joy, too much concentration, as if he had only her shadow in his eyes, and she was the only one for him. Yu, do you know? You saved me. "Some time ago,86 smart board, I did a lot of very annoying things, you hate me to a certain extent, but you still saved me." 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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