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    Pasta Night 2020 - Thursday, July ?? @ 6:30 pm at the 001 Clubhouse

    It's time to "Carbo Load" with friends and family for Champs!

    This is a pot-luck style dinner.

    All Dolphin swim families are welcome to attend.

    The team will provide water and lemonade (parents can BYOB if they wish)

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    Please drop off all non-food items to the kitchen by 2:00 on Thursday - Thank You
    Servers (scoops food onto plates)
    Set - up....... 5:30-6:00pm (includes setting up tables and chairs)
    Hot MEATLESS pasta dish
    Pasta WITH meat
    Vegetarian Pasta........ (cold)
    Mac & Cheese
    50 Rolls (Kings Hawaiian Rolls are popular)
    Extra Large bag of Salad Lettuce
    1 Bottle of Italian Dressing
    1 Bottle of Ranch Dressing
    100 (sturdy) Paper Plates
    200 forks
    1 Larger size tub of spreadable butter - no margarine please
    Large canister of powered lemonade
    Clean-up Crew (the more the merrier)
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