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    FHKL 2018 Season

    All shifts begin at 5:30 PM. Please include your cell phone # after your name for easy reference if there should be a cancellation or change in schedule.

    UMPIRES: Umpires are to help with chalking the fields and gathering the umpire equipment needed for the game. You will sign-in at the Concession Stand with your start time and at the end of the game, when you sign-out, you will record the score of the game on your card.

    CONCESSION STAND: You will get the umpires checked in with time card/gear. Start food prep for 5:45 PM Stand opening. All transactions are records via the square point of sale application that you will need to download to your smartphone. Login directions will be posted in the Stand. At the end of the night, all food must be stored and all equipment wiped clean. Bathrooms should be swept clean. All lights off and all doors locked.

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    Umpire Main Concession Stand Small Concession Stand
    Mon. 6/11/18 TB - F2 JV - F6 (No Umps) P1 - F7
    Tue 6/12 JV - 6 P1 - 7
    Wed. 6/13/18 TB - 2 MP - 4
    Fri 6/15 P2 - F9
    Sat. 6/16/18 JV - F6 (no umps)
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