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    2018 Fall Auditions; Woyzeck, Mr. Burns, Sweeney Todd

    Please make sure you fill out this Google Form before choosing your time slot! https://goo.gl/forms/plBT8F7jr0BuEjLm2
    Your time slot is only guaranteed once you fill out the Google Form.

    2 contrasting songs in tempo, style, and/or language
    2 contrasting monologues
    Please note: You are coming in and auditioning for all shows and must have all 4 performance pieces prepared! You can state your show preferences in the Google Form!

    Be sure to bring legible sheet music for the pianist/accompanist in a 3-ring binder that makes it easy for the pianist to turn pages.
    If you have not prepared either a monologue or songs, please come anyway. We’d love to see you! We can work out a way to get a feel for your interests, experience and skills.

    NOTE: Roles traditionally played by males may be cast as women, and vice versa.

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    First Name Last Name
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 6p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 6:08p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 6:16p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 6:24p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 6:32p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 6:40p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 6:48p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 6:56p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 7:04p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 7:12p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 7:20p
    10-min Break
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 7:38p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 7:46p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 7:54p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 8:02p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 8:10p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 8:18p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 8:26
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 8:34p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 8:42p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 8:50p
    10-min Break
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 9:08p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 9:16p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 9:24p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 9:32p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 9:40p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 9:48p
    WEDNESDAY 8/22; 9:56p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 6p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 6:08p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 6:16p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 6:24p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 6:32p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 6:40p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 6:48p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 6:56p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 7:04p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 7:12p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 7:20p
    10-min Break
    THURSDAY 8/23; 7:38p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 7:46p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 7:54p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 8:04p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 8:12p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 8:20p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 8:28p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 8:36p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 8:44p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 8:52p
    10-Min Break
    THURSDAY 8/23; 9:10p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 9:18p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 9:26p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 9:34p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 9:42p
    THURSDAY 8/23; 9:50p
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