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    After a meal, it was already seven o'clock, and the sky had begun to darken. Yi Fei took Shang Jieqiong by car to the Haijiang Bridge in Haihai City to see the night view. Along the way, Shang Jieqiong's face was even more joyful. By the time I got back to school, it was nearly half past ten. It was time to close the door of the dormitory. Shang Jieqiong wanted to go back to the dormitory, but she was taken by Yi Fei straight to the Tiantian Hotel where she had been last time. I'm going back. When Shang Jieqiong saw that the situation was not good, she stuck out her tongue and loosened her hands around Yi Fei's right arm. I just want to leave. Don't go. Stay with me. Yi Fei hugged Shang Jieqiong's slender waist, pulled her back, hugged her in his arms and kissed her. No, you are a Grey Wolf. You will eat the beautiful sheep. I will not go with you. After the kiss, Shang Jieqiong blushed and buried her head in Yi Fei's arms. Were you afraid to go because it hurt so much that night? Yi Fei hugged Shang Jieqiong and asked in her ear. Shang Jieqiong did not speak, but fell into the small head in Yi Fei's arms and nodded gently. Only the first time will be more painful. Now everything is over. You will know exactly how it is after tonight. Yi Fei smiled softly and immediately walked into the Tiantian Hotel with Shang Jieqiong in his arms. Walking into the room and closing the door, Yi Fei hugged Shang Jieqiong and pushed her against the wall. Kissing Shang Jieqiong's cherry mouth, sucking the fragrant tongue and liquid, Yi Fei's hands below began to be dishonest, slowly reaching in from the hem of Shang Jieqiong's white T-shirt, stroking the white and pink skin inside. It's been so long. I'm sweating all over. I'll take a shower first. You stay outside for me. After kissing for a while, Yi Fei kneaded Shang Jieqiong through the T-shirt, and Shang Jieqiong pushed Yi Fei away. Honey, I want to take a bath with you. After listening to Shang Jieqiong's words, Yi Fei raised his eyebrows and said with a brilliant smile on his face. You're so beautiful. Don't even think about it. No way! Be good and stay outside and watch TV. Shang Jieqiong laughed, revealing two sweet dimples. He dodged into the bathroom and closed the door with a "bang",outdoor endless pool, followed by a "click", apparently the bathroom door had been locked by Shang Jieqiong from the inside. Hey, hey, just let you be proud first. Yi Fei's face showed a playful smile, and then he took off his loose white T-shirt, revealing a strong muscle inside. Liu Yifei said is indeed right, a few months in the body of Yi Fei changes, it is too big. Apart from the changes in the spirit, the changes in the body alone are quite astonishing. A few months ago,jacuzzi manufacturers, Yi Fei's body was slightly thin, but now, Yi Fei has a strong muscle, as strong as a calf. The body is strong, partly thanks to Yi Fei's own rebirth, often adhere to the scientific and reasonable exercise of the body, on the other hand, also thanks to the very good strengthening effect of the gold-level game warehouse. When Yi Fei's mother was in the summer vacation, she saw that Yi Fei's appetite was soaring, and her body was getting stronger day by day. She had been saying that Yi Fei was in the second growth period. In the past, Yi Fei ate meat without growing meat, and ate bones without growing bones. Now, what she ate grew, which immediately made Yi Fei's mother happy. After waiting for a few minutes, after a tiny sound in the bathroom, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi swim spa, the sound of water finally began to ring. Yi Fei showed a smile on his face, took off all the clothes he had left, pressed his right hand on the handle of the bathroom door, passed a warm current, felt the position, and shook gently. "Ka", the metal buckle inside was hit by the warm current, the locked bathroom door suddenly opened, Yi Fei's face showed a sly smile, like a rabbit. He went straight into the bathroom and hugged Shang Jieqiong from behind with lightning speed. Ah The bathroom door opens, suddenly scurries into a figure, Shang Jieqiong just wants to be surprised to shout, is met by the oncoming Yi Fei to block the lip with the mouth. How did you get in here? Is the bathroom door broken? Come on, get out! After seeing clearly that it was Yi Fei, Shang Jieqiong finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then turned sideways, blocking the snow-white with her left hand, revealing the attractive tip of the iceberg, while her right hand pointed the nozzle that was coming out of the water at Yi Fei, and the slender water line shot at Yi Fei.
    "Of course I came in through the door. The bathroom door is not broken, but your husband's ability is so great that no one can stop him. How can a small wooden door stop me? Hey, I'm here to accompany my wife to take a bath. How can I go out?" Yi Fei grabbed the nozzle in Shang Jieqiong's hand, hung it on the wall again, then grasped Shang Jieqiong's chest full, gently stroked, explored, kneaded heavily, wreaked havoc, and also sandwiched the delicate and beautiful two pink points between his fingers, and began to play with it. Uh No Yi Fei.. Don't do this. Only feel like there is electricity in the chest in the same light, is easy to fly hold is so comfortable, stimulating, Shang Jieqiong slightly closed his eyes, fell in the arms of easy to fly, mind is still maintaining a trace of Pure Brightness, to easy to fly way. Uh. What else can I say? What do you expect from the next chapter? If you want to know the fate of Yi Fei and Shang Jieqiong, please look forward to the next chapter, "I can't help it if the author doesn't tell you!" Today's hole has been filled, and this is the third chapter of the explosion. I have seen a golden chrysanthemum waiting for me in front of me, but I didn't expect that not only was it not exploded, but there was a chance to explode chrysanthemum. Brothers, the demon God is excited, we will come again tomorrow ~ Chapter two hundred and three Shang Jie Qiong war Yi Fei Chapter two hundred and three Shang Jie Qiong war Yi Fei Turn Shang Jieqiong over. Looking at the full shape, white and pink, fragrant Jade Rabbit, Yi Fei could not help but gently probe, open his mouth, contain the beauty's delicate breast, gently suck up. Shang Jieqiong was Yi Fei on the wall of the bathroom, the feeling of numbness in her chest gradually softened her body,whirlpool hot tub, so she had to close her eyes tightly, wrap her hands around Yi Fei's head buried in her chest, and carefully touch the dark head above. monalisa.com

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