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    Joanna Reed's Spring 2024 Office Hours Appointments

    Sign up here for an office hour appointment. You are welcome to sign up as a small group (1-3 classmates or so) or bring a friend to the appointment if you wish. Please only sign up for one appointment spot at a time unless you have prior approval from me. Office hours are held in 419 Social Sciences Building. IMPORTANT-- if you want to have a remote appointment you need to note that next to your name, i.e. (Joanna, (remote)). Use this Zoom link for a remote appointment: https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/3420990431

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    Apr. 30, 2:00pm (Zoom)
    Apr. 30, 2:15pm (Zoom)
    Apr. 30, 2:30pm (Zoom)
    Apr. 30, 2:45pm (Zoom)
    Apr. 30, 3:00pm (Zoom)
    Apr. 30, 3:15pm (Zoom)
    Apr. 30, 3:30pm (Zoom)
    Apr. 30, 3:45pm (Zoom)
    May 7, 2:00pm
    May 7, 2:15pm
    May 7, 2:30pm
    May 7, 2:45pm
    May 7, 3:00pm
    May 7, 3:15pm
    May 7, 3:30pm
    May 7, 3:45pm
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