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    Tao Yao Ji

    Waiter tied the small bamboo tube to the pigeon's feet, then held it in both hands and let it fly into the sky. Would you like to wait here or come to get it tomorrow? Waiter asked. Come to Na tomorrow. Murong Yifeng put down the deposit and rushed out with Jiuxiao and Taoyao to chase the pigeon. Three people's flying skills are not weak, so they can follow closely behind the white dove. But in the middle of the chase, the three men noticed something was wrong, and the pigeon actually led them around the city. Murong Yifeng was so tired that he leaned against the tree and gasped for breath. "I think this pigeon is so stupid that he doesn't even know the way." Who knew that as soon as the voice fell, he felt cool on his face, reached out and wiped it, only to find that it was a drop of soft, hard and moderately smelly pigeon excrement! The three of them looked up and found that the pigeon was hovering gracefully over their heads and looking at Murong Yifeng with a similar disdain. "I think it's playing with us on purpose," Tao said softly. Murong Yifeng was inexhaustible in anger: "You are a dead pigeon. Come down and fight alone if you have the ability!" The pigeon did not come down, but another drop of pigeon excrement came down, scaring Murong Yifeng away. , Then the dove departed with grace and ease. Make persistent efforts and never give up, which is their life motto. So, the next day, three people came to Yuelai Inn again. It was another grey pigeon who sent the answer today. Waiter took down the bamboo tube and released the pigeon. Went back. Tao Yao and others quickly paid the money, took the answer, and rushed out of the inn to track the pigeons. Today the weather is sunny and sunny, and the grey pigeon has completed its task and is flying leisurely in the sky. But as it soared and soared, it felt something was wrong. How does it feel There are three malicious eyes staring at themselves? Looking down, the alley was quiet and there was no living thing. He must have been oversensitive, and the grey pigeon relaxed and continued to fly to the headquarters. When he turned his head, the broken cage in the alley slowly lifted, revealing three pairs of shining eyes. Finally, under the persistent tracking,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Tao Yao came to an ordinary house in the southeast of the city. The gray pigeon landed on the grass and cooed twice, and then a man came out and picked it up and went to the kitchen. Murong Yifeng outside the fence whispered, "Although this pigeon is really stupid, there is no need to cook it." Tao Yao shook his head: "This pigeon is their messenger, each one must spend a lot of energy to train, should not be easily killed..." Let's go see him. What on earth are you doing? Say that finish, three people quietly sneaked into this room, hid under the kitchen window, secretly looked, only to see the man only pressed the mechanism beside the stove, suddenly appeared on the floor. A crack through which one may pass. The man walked down the stairs with the pigeon in his arms. Then the floor was closed again, and outsiders could not see the difference at all. Like. It seems that this is the headquarters of the pigeon gang. Murong Yifeng analysis. We don't know what's going on inside. I'm afraid it's dangerous to rush in. Jiuxiao whispered a reminder. Don't worry, caustic calcined magnesite ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, I'll protect Tao Yao. Murong Yifeng patted his chest and promised. Jiuxiao hesitated and said slowly, "It is because you are here that everything is in danger." Murong Yifeng burst into tears:.. I hate you Of course, Murong Yifeng refused to stay, so the three decided to take a risk, press the mechanism, and walk into the unknown world. Down the stairs, in front of a corridor, there is a torch on the stone wall at a distance, so it is not dark inside. After walking about fifty paces inside, he saw a large compartment full of cages for pigeons. Murong Yifeng fixed his eyes on it and saw that the despicable and obscene white pigeon with his own excrement and urine as the fog was on the top. Enemies meet, especially jealous, think oh ah, it hurt himself back to Rong Xiangyuan yesterday to wash his face for an hour, almost scratched the skin. Murong Yifeng was excited. Burst out, rushed up and hugged the cage and shook it hard, shouting in a low voice: "I will kill you.".
    ” The white dove swayed from side to side in the cage, flapping its wings in a panic and making a loud noise, which alarmed the people inside, only to hear an inquiry: What man! Tao Yao rushed to block Murong Yifeng's mouth, while Murong Yifeng reached out to cover the mouth of the pigeon in the cage. Jiuxiao leaned against the wall, the sword in his hand unsheathed, his left eye looking ahead alertly, and his right eye looking helplessly at Murong Yifeng. The air tensed in vain. For a long time, the voice of another man came from the other side: "It must be the pigeons that are making a noise. Leave them alone." The three of them heaved a sigh of relief, but fortunately they were not found. So Jiuxiao took the lead and went out. But as soon as he reached the door of the cubicle, three bright knives whistled at him and shouted, "I really thought we were pigeons, so easy to cheat!" But as soon as the voice fell, Jiuxiao made a few movements that made them dizzy to the ground. Murong Yifeng shook his head: "You are not easy to cheat, but you are easy to fight." Tao Yao changed the clothes of the three people on the ground and prepared to pretend to be an insider to enter and explore. Then he took fifty steps inside, and suddenly saw more than ten people sitting on the left, all busy taking out the notes from the small bamboo tubes piled up on the ground. And read the question aloud. More than a dozen people on the right were busy looking up the answers in a large stack of bookcase materials. As a result, the room was in full swing and noisy. The man asked, "Does Miss Su of Jiangnan have body odor under her armpit?" "No, but she has smelly feet." "The man asked, how is Master Yue's private life in Huangshan?" "Simple on the outside, lascivious on the inside, there are illegitimate children all over the world." "The man asked, who won the battle between good and evil in Wulin on Mount Huangshan twenty years ago?" "Originally, the decent lost,calcium ammonium nitrate price, but the leader of the evil faction laughed too hard and accidentally hiccupped, so the decent won in the end." Everyone was so absorbed in their work that no one paid any attention to them. Murong Yifeng asked, "Where should we start?" 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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