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    Please, fiance, *** me hard! [Wears book]

    "I'm sorry I shouldn't have brought you to this dangerous place." Pei Tianji was filled with chagrin and could not imagine what kind of scene they would face if they found out a little later that they were trapped in the black market. Even with an SSS constitution, it's impossible to get a ray gun without a problem. It's none of your business. The black market is what I want to see. If you don't want to see it very much, when you hear Ren Mingcheng, Qiao Guiyan will definitely choose to leave instead of staying in Silver Star for one more day by luck. Qiao Guiyan admitted that he was a coward. Or to put it in a more pleasant way, it is to cherish life. When it's time to run, you will never be slower than anyone else. Pei Tianji smiled and pretended to be comforted, reaching out to wipe a little ash off Qiao Guiyan's face, but the next second his muscles tightened and he quickly pulled out his gun and pulled the trigger at the entrance of the building. With the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground, Qiao Guiyan suddenly looked back and saw a man with only half his head lying on the ground, dressed in clothes that Qiao Guiyan remembered having seen in the black market. It's the Star Robber. It is almost certain that what Pei Tianji said about positioning is true. Facing such a bloody scene for the first time, Qiao Guiyan clenched his teeth to prevent himself from spitting out and held the hairpin tightly in his hand: "Change places!" "It's too late. Hide." When Pei Tianji finished, he rushed over to the corpse and picked up the man's weapon and put it on his back. Followed by two falls to the ground, Pei Tianji solved two more people who came by surprise. Qiao Guiyan gritted his teeth, knowing that his ability was just a drag, and did not show anything, Qiao Guiyan immediately hid according to Pei Tianji's request. Thanks to the exercise at school, Qiao Guiyan turned into the interior of the residential building,filter nozzle, did not run around, but immediately went to the basement, hiding in an unlocked equipment room. There are a lot of tall equipment in this equipment room, although it is useless, but through the equipment in the room, it can give people some psychological security to hide their own figure completely. Sitting on the ground, Qiao Guiyan anxiously used his brain to send messages to the police over and over again. However,rapid sand filters, no one replied, and finally Qiao Guiyan even took advantage of the star thief did not catch up, but also to the Second Corps police made a phone call, but no one responded for a long time. The police force is manned 24 hours a day, and it is impossible for this to happen. Do not know what happened, but Qiao Guiyan has been able to determine that his brain authority is out of order, this black market thing is certainly not aimed at him is aimed at Pei Tianji. However, he could not do anything now, Qiao Guiyan could only anxiously re-examine his whole body, whether it was his shoes or the prosthesis used to disguise his gender, all of which were taken off and looked at. There is no locator. There is nothing. But if you really don't have a locator on your body, how did the enemies know where they were just now? Qiao Guiyan was completely in a state of anxiety. Boom- "a huge explosion suddenly sounded on Qiao Guiyan's head, Lamella Plate Settler ,multi disc screw press, and countless dust fell from Qiao Guiyan's head, which shocked Qiao Guiyan to stand up." Pei Tianji. Qiao Guiyan called out absently. When the equipment was checked just now, Qiao Guiyan knew that Pei Tianji did not have such a weapon of mass destruction except for two guns and a row of strange looking'ammunition '. Obviously, such a big thing was not caused by Pei Tianji. However, the explosion was not the end, but the beginning, and numerous loud noises were heard above the area. Qiao Guiyan's hand trembled uncontrollably, not daring to think about the actual situation above, and could only comfort himself that since the battle was not over, Pei Tianji was at least alive. There has never been a moment for Qiao Guiyan to be so grateful. Fortunately, this is a world in the book, so that he can use the law of immortality to strengthen his confidence. I don't know how long it took, but the explosion stopped. Qiao Guiyan discovered this only after he found that there was no dust on his body to hit him again. In the continuous loud noise overhead, his ears had been temporarily deaf. Lifting his head from his knees, Qiao Guiyan found that there was a hole in the ceiling of the equipment room, and the warm sunlight came down from the hole.
    Calm is the best choice at this time, Qiao Guiyan did not do superfluous action. When his deafness recovered a little, Qiao Guiyan approached the entrance of the cave and tried to listen to the sound outside the cave. Very calm. In any case, it means that the results have come out. He tried to open the door of the equipment room, but it was blocked. Qiao Guiyan climbed out of the hole overhead. Countless stumps. In addition to the star thieves, there are many people who are obviously dressed as residents in residential buildings, and almost none of them are intact. Two dozens of stories of residential buildings have been demolished, leaving only the bottom five or six floors, the whole area everywhere there are flames in the light, looks like hell on earth. But strangely, Qiao Guiyan really has no feeling at all now, as if the whole person is separated by a layer of gauze in this world. He was able to calmly look at his brain first and confirm that he had not received any information from Pei Tianji. So Qiao Guiyan began to look for Pei Tianji very calmly, and even on the way to look for him, he saw the star thief who had not yet died, and he was very indifferent to make up a shot with the hairpin in his hand. This is Qiao Guiyan's first killing, but there is no nausea, fear and other feelings in his heart, only full of pleasure. Qiao Guiyan found Pei Tianji near the residential building where he was hiding. Pei Tianji's condition is not good. His left arm showed an unnatural arc, apparently broken, his clothes had several holes, through which he could clearly see the blurred flesh and blood inside, and his clothes looked wet and seemed to have been completely soaked with blood. Even so, Pei Tianji's intact right hand still held the gun tightly, but the whole person seemed to have no strength to fall on the wall, eyes closed,disc air diffuser, can not see life and death. Qiao Guiyan opened his eyes wide, confirmed the authenticity in front of him, and immediately ran towards Pei Tianji at a high speed. khnwatertreatment.com

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