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    Winter Spectacular- Volunteer Help Needed!

    Hello, Parents of LCHS Advanced Orchestra Musicians:

    The Winter Spectacular Concert is on the evening of Thursday, December 12th!!!

    Please sign up for one or more of the following categories and if it is food, please bring enough for 20 servings or more. Nut notification is advised.

    Kindly bring your item to the music room on or with a serving plate labeled "Winter Concert" before December 11th if it is NOT perishable, and if it is perishable, please bring it on the evening of the performance and place the item on the tables in front of the auditorium outside. Please remember to pick up your platter afterward. (Identify your serving plates and utensils by putting your student's name on painter's tape on the underside, just in case.)

    Many thanks for your help!

    -MPA Orchestra Reps

    Sign up

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    Finger Sandwiches Platter Cheese and Cracker Platter Whole Pizza (2-3 per sign-up) Other finger foods, such as meatballs, mini-quiche,dumplings, sushi, kimbap, egg rolls, etc. (please specify in comment section) Fruit platter, such as cut assorted fruit, grapes, strawberries, etc. Cut Veggie Platter with Dip 2.5 gallon dispenser of water Paper Goods: Forks, Plates, Napkins, Small Cups for 200- No styro please Coffee and Tea donated or purchased from Starbucks or Coffee Bean for 50 servings with cups and condiments Helpers for before the concert- Please come by 6:30 to set up Helpers for after the concert- Please stay afterward to clean up $ Donors: I can only contribute money at this time. I will send $10 with my student prior to December 11th in an envelope marked "Donation for Winter Concert"
    Volunteer's name and please specify item in "comments" section when possible
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