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Elementary Inclusive edTPA Study Halls

During our field test, we found that students really appreciated the opportunity to think through edTPA tasks with peers and get some individualized attention from instructors. To facilitate this kind of learning, Katie Ledwell will host edTPA Study Halls each Friday from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. In addition, she has added two special dates: Wednesday, November 6th from 1:30 to 3:00 and Tuesday, November 11th from 4:30-6:00. Each study hall is capped at 12 participants- please do not sign up for more than three. If you'd like to wait until you have a better sense of your personal math task calendar, feel free to come back to this sheet and sign up then. When you sign up, be sure to note the date and time on your personal calendar; wejoinin does not send reminders.

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Oct. 11 GDH 369 2:00-3:30 Oct. 18 GDH 369 2:00-3:30 Oct. 25 GDH 369 2:00-3:30 Nov. 1 GDH 369 2:00-3:30 Nov. 6 GDH 359 1:30-3:00 Nov. 8 GDH 369 2:00-3:30 Nov. 12 HM 144 4:30-6:00 Nov. 15 GDH 369 2:00-3:30 Nov. 22 GDH 369 2:00-3:30 Dec. 6 GDH 369 2:00-3:30 Dec. 13 GDH 369 2:00-3:30
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