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    DTCCU Agility Trial Volunteer – Sunday Signup

    The first class each day will start at 8:45am; first briefing at 8:30. All Other Times Are Estimates; classes may start earlier or later.
    Multiple people may sign up in as bar setters and course builders.
    Please send questions/comments to AgilityVols@ gmail.com
    Thank You for helping out!

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    Gate Steward (skilled) Scribe (skilled) Timer (skilled) Sheet Runner Leash Runner Bar Setters (4 people) Course Builders – Chief: Angie Froman
    T2B (23 runs)
    Master Std - Small (14)
    Master Std - Large (19)
    Master JWW - Small (17)
    Master JWW - Large (19)
    FAST - All levels (28)
    Open JWW (6)
    Open Std (6)
    Novice JWW (7)
    Novice Std (5)
    Sunday Clean Up 2 pm
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